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"Itsuki, what has come of the prophecy?" Genbu asked a few weeks after the coronation of the newly crowned Queen and King of the gods and beings.

"It still continues. The lines have been changed over the decades, here, I shall recite it.

A child turned God, with now sight to see,
shall save us for sure, yes, they are the key.
Elements lend hands and train them with all
when darkness lands and the countries fall.
They are a Queen and King with the world on their command
And can receive more than answers of questions they demand
With their smallest word can they tame a dragon,
with their smallest breath can they call upon,
a mighty beast with a scarlet hide,
with a temper just like that of a tide.
So raise them and take them, the legacy of nature
to make the strongest warrior, the world has ever seen. "

"So that threat still remains?" Seiryuu asked.

"Yes. I think it's some ninja who didn't get noticed by senpai." Itsuki said and acquired a squeal from Suzaku.

"I mean that there was a ninja who always wanted the attention of a girl on his three man team, but that girl loved our very own Kakashi. Yep, his name was Uchiha Obito."

"Didn't that girl die or something?"

"Yep, by the hands of Kakashi, so Obito gone all revenge crazy like most of the Uchiha's do, just he's involving the entire world, and has become pretty powerful. Powerful enough to harness one of us gods. He can harness Tsukuyomi, Susanoo and Amaterasu with his Sharingan, just like Itachi can as well."

The three mentioned gods looked down, feeling pathetic that they could be 'harnessed' in such a way. Itsuki put her arms around them each and rubbed their backs, giving them positive energy.

"So does that mean we have to stop him?"


"Does that mean we need to go back to earth instead of spending luxurious time up here on heaven?"

"Yep." Kokka sighed. He knew that this day was going to come, but he also knew that his wife, Itsuki had it hardest. He hugged Itsuki who was currently in her woman form and kissed the back of her head. Itsuki relaxed in his embrace and leant into his arms.

"Kokka... Do you think I can face them?" Came the weary question.

"Of course you can. You're Itsuki no Mikoto, Goddess of everything in all existence and the God and Goddess of all sexualities, ani-"

"Yeah I get that part but, do you think I. As in Naruto can face them again?"

"Itsuki, you are the most beautiful, smartest, powerful, independent, brave and courageous person I have ever met. Stop doubting, and see the clear path ahead. You'll find your answer then, and I will always be there next to you to guide you." Kokka whispered and Itsuki smiled. He always knew how to cheer her up.

"Thank you Kokka. Now, plans. I can sense that the evil will come forth in half an year. In that time, I will recreate the hidden village, the Whirl Pool Kingdom. Become Uzukaze with a different name, as will you Kokka. So will you all, Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryuu, Genbu, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi. Will you follow me?" Itsuki closed her eyes, worried with what was to follow.

She flung her eyes open with surprise when she felt something holding her tightly. Turns out it was some-things. All eight pairs of arms wrapped around her body, all smiling appreciatively.

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