8. Periods 🔴❗️

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- Get a period tracker!!
Sis, I'm not playing these help sooo much. Sometimes I forget when I had my period last so getting these help a lot. I recommend Flo. Not only does it give you an estimation of when your period starts but it also gives you a lot of facts about the female body!🚺👸🏽

- Use a Heating Pad
Of course not all of us have the money to get a heating pad. So why not make one🤷🏽‍♀️. Simply use a wet cloth and put it in a ziplock bag and microwave it. Wrap it in a towel ( so it doesn't burn you💢💢 ) and put it on your stomach. Another way is to fill a ziplock bag with water (half full) and warm it for 3 minutes.

-Use an old blanket or T-shirt and lay it on your bed while you're sleeping. If you bleed through during the night it won't get on your bed sheet.

- Drink lots of water 💦

- Wear panty liners after your period is over in case of excess bleeding.

- Wear two panties at night so it won't go through

- eat fruit (bananas especially)🍌🍌

- bring a period kit to school. make sure it has:
• pads/tampons
•pain killers
•extra panties

- Lastly, don't keep your tampons in for more than 8 hours‼️‼️

Comment any period tips‼️❤️🔴

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