Chapter 7: Obscene

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"Two weeks ago," Rosa said, "I was sent an obscene photograph—"

Jesse guffawed. "Obscene?"

"—by mistake, apparently," Rosa went on, ignoring him, "from Indio's phone. My concern is that the photo, or similarly inappropriate material, could just as easily have been sent by mistake to Wynter."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Caleb said in that careful way he had when he was completely confused and unwilling to pass judgment yet.

Rosa thrust her phone screen under Caleb's nose. His brow went up comically but he wasn't smiling.

"You kept it?" Jesse said. "I mean, Indio works out, so why not? Women of all ages drool over the guy on stage. You gotta admit, that's an aesthetically pleasing example of the male physique—" He stopped at the look Caleb gave him.

"Who sent it?" Caleb asked.

"He claims it was a prank," Rosa said.

"The girl he... uh, his girlfriend sent it," Jesse said. "I was right there. I met her. Nice girl. Great sense of humor."

Rosa folded her arms, pressing the screen against her chest. "It's clear he does not have control over his phone or the people he associates with. I need to keep a lookout for anything unsafe that comes Wynter's way. Wynter, I need you to remove the password on your phone."

"That's an invasion of privacy," Jesse said, though he wasn't sure he had the right to say anything. Rosa was worked up over that photo for no good reason. The rest... well, it was indirectly his fault Wynter had gotten into all that trouble in Eugene. Trouble that could've turned into a sickening disaster. He'd encouraged her to find online friends, given the real-life ones weren't working out. And the "friend" she'd found wasn't at all who he said he was.

Caleb looked mighty uncomfortable about the whole thing. "Jess, let's hear her out."

"I feel this level of oversight is necessary," Rosa said. "And there's more."

"Steak knives?" Jesse muttered, thoroughly disheartened now because Caleb wasn't doing a great job defending Indio.

"Jesse," Caleb snapped, "I need you to keep your mouth shut for five minutes."

Even Rosa hesitated before speaking again. "Indio gave Wynter an old sketchbook of his with some very upsetting content."

"Such as?"

"Some of the drawings were... angry, disrespectful, distressing."

"You're giving me emotions, Rosa—your emotional reactions." Caleb was this close to losing his shit. "How about you show me the pictures and we decide together what's appropriate?"

"I've already made that determination. I'll return the offensive pages to you. I'm quite happy for Wynter to keep the rest."

Rosa left to fetch them.

"He went through a million of those sketchbooks in high school," Jesse said, though his five minutes weren't up. "He probably didn't even know what was in that one."

"It's true," Wynter said quietly. "It was in that old bag he gave me. He said I could use the blank pages to write down songs."

"What were the pictures Rosa didn't like?" Caleb asked her.

"I didn't see. She ripped them out." Wynter pressed her face into the crook of her elbow. "I'm not scared of what was in Indio's head when he was fifteen. Does she think I never saw anything distressing before in my life?"

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