Chapter 17

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Tonight David was coming home and Kathryn had invited Emma, Mary Margret, Henry, and I to the little welcome home party she had thrown together. Mary Margret wouldn’t come with us. Most likely because of her feelings for David. She had resigned from the hospital becuase of David. Okay she hadn't actually said that's the reason but i know it is.
‘’You know why he doesn’t remember? The curse isn’t working on him yet’’Henry said. Emma and I shared a look before she looked at Henry.
‘’Henry, David has amnesia’’Emma said.
‘’Which is preventing the curse from replacing his fairy tale story with fake memories’’Henry said
‘’Right, because everyone here has fake stories that prevent them from remembering who they really are’’Emma said
‘’ Right, and now is our chance to help him. We just have to get him to remember he’s prince charming.’’
‘’And how are we going to do that?’’I asked.
‘’We just have to jog his memory by getting him and Mary Margret together’’Henry said. Okay I was on board with that but hes married.
‘’Didn’t we just try that?’’Emma asked.
''Yeah with the whole reading to him while he was in a coma thing'' I said.
‘’And it woke him up’’Henry said. I chuckled. Its true.
‘’Hey’’I heard someone say. I looked up and saw David.’’You’re the ones who saved me, right?’’
He was quite handsome. I understand why he was 'Prince Charming' He had the look if a prince.
‘’Oh, yeah, I guess’’Emma said standing up. I followed her and I stood from  my seat on the stairs.
‘’And, uh, you’re also the only ones I know here.’’David said.
‘’You can hide with us, we are way much cooler than anyone here’'i said laughing slightly.
‘’Fantastic’ ’David said. One of the server guys came up and David took a tooth pick and stabbed one of the finger foods that was on the platter.
‘‘Thank you’’he said as the server left.
‘’So, you ever use a sword?’’Henry asked. I looked down at Henry and I smiled at him.
‘’Im sorry?’’David said laughing. He looked from henry and to me and Emma.
‘’Emma, Elizabeth you live with Mary Margret, right?’’David asked
I nodded.
‘’You know if she’s coming tonight?’’David asked
‘’No, im sorry, she couldn’t make it.’’I said. He nodded. There was defiantly something going on there.
The next day I was at the diner doing my shift. I was at the bar getting coffee for Mary Margret who was sitting at a table close by. I looked  up and saw that Dr.Whale was talking to her, he looked like he was flirting with her. I waited till he left and I walked over to her table and I set the coffee down.
‘’Was he just flirting with you?’’I asked. She looked up at me.
‘’I think so.''
I laughed slightly.
‘’What did he say?’’I asked. Before she could respond Regina walked over to us.
‘’Mary Margret, may I have a word please’’Regina asked sitting in the chair across from her.
‘’I will let you guys to talk’’I said walking away. I served a table and I looked at Mary Margret who looked upset, Regina had left.  I walked over to her table and I sat down in the chair across from her, setting my tray down on the table.
‘’What happened?’’I asked.
‘’David, he left his wife’’She said.’’its my fault’’
‘’Hey’’I said putting my hand on hers.
‘’Its not your fault. You have told him that you didn’t want to get in the way of them. This was his choice not yours’’I said giving her a soft smile.
‘’I have to get to work’’she said getting up and putting money on the table before leaving. I sighed and ran my fingers threw my hair. Its been really hard on Mary Margret, her feelings for David. I really hope it works out because I don’t want to see my sister with a broken heart.

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