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soft kisses

You were still confused about your relationship with him. Every time someone ask if you two are dating or not you would question yourself that either. Sometimes you said you are and sometimes you said you're just friends.

Bakugou never asked you out to be his girlfriend but every time you two are together both of you would hold hands and he would give you a kiss on the lips behind the convenient store that's not far from your house.

Everything you two share together is just a mystery. Had you said a flingㅡ that would be just weird since you don't really know the concept of it.

But thinking back with the way you two interact, you started to question yourself even more.

Questioning whether you like him or not?

You turn your gaze to the person in question and then to your intertwined fingers. It bothers you at the sight of your hands holding each other but you didn't hate it either and that caused you to have mixed feelings too.

You let out a soft sigh.

What are we, really?

You felt his hand starting to pull you to somewhere and that snapped you out of your thoughts. The direction he was pulling you to was the convenience store that you usually share your kiss before you parted side ways. That's when you also realized that you were almost home.

But for the first time in two weeks of doing this, you felt nervous about what you two are about to do. It was at that point you finally wanted to ask him but he was already pushing you onto the wall with his hand beside your face.

You felt your cheeks burnt and that never happened before. It finally hit you, you finally realized what you've been doing all this time and now that you are aware of everything you couldn't act normal.

Bakugou was ready to kiss you but you weren't ready like you usually do.

"B-Bakugou," you managed to sputter.

He didn't respond and just continue to move his face closer. You tried to stop him with your hands but instead of pushing him back, you found yourself gripping his shirt instead.

His lips finally found its way to yours and you swore you felt like crying at that exact moment. You gasped for air when he let go for a while.

"Bakugou-" you said but he kissed you again, cutting off your sentence.

That's when you felt the tears rolling down to your cheeks but Bakugou didn't realized them yet as he was too focused on you and your lips.

Even now have you finally felt it, the hurt that most girls feel when they are being treated this way. You felt weak, you felt vulnerable and you hated yourself for taking too long to finally get the pieces together. To finally notice what you've been doing with him.

But you kissed him back anyway, only because it's natural for the two of you and you know you'll regret it if you don't because at that very moment, it might be the last kiss that you share with him.

Your tears began to stain your cheeks when Bakugou pulled back, his face was still close to yours but when he opened his eyes, he noticed that you were crying and that concerned him.

He reached his hand to hold your cheek but you moved your face away.

"What's wrong [Y/N]?" he asked.

"What are we?" you asked looking at him in the eye.

You wipe your tears away with your sleeve waiting for him to answer.

"What are we Bakugou?" you asked, "Why are we even doing this? I don't even remember when it all started".

You felt his hand on top of your hand.

"Aren't we dating?" he asked.

"You never asked me out," you cried.

He pulled you in for a hug and you started to cry even more.

"I'm sorry," his usual angry voice softens, "I'm sorry, I didn't know I hurt you".

You didn't say anything and just let him hug you.

"Don't cry," he said as he lift your face up to look at him and wipe your tears away with his thumb.

"Don't cry," he repeated.

"I love you," he whispered as he leaned in one more time giving you a soft gentle kiss.



Sorry if Bakugou is a bit ooc here but I wanted to make this chapter a bit sweeter for this guy, like, I want him to give him something new, a new journey where he can be gentle and kind to the one that he loves.

Well, I mean, rough Bakugou is hot too but a gentle one can also be sexy.

And I notice that this book is already filled with way too many angst so why not add something different and forget all about those emo chaps.

I do hope you enjoy this one as well. Okay, maybe it's not that happy but at least we got a happy ending amirite?

Thank You for reading!

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