Christmas Themed Pants (4)

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     "Wake up, wake up, this is a dream," she whispered to herself as she was escorted out of the SUV. She was confronted by an afternoon sky, filled with a falling sun, floating clouds, and an endless, deepening blue. Why was it then that she admired the sky?

     "How far are we from the city?" Aeress questioned Nina as she was helped out of the passenger seat. She was dressed in a neat, tan coat, which gave her an elevated air of sophistication, something she just carried naturally.

     "A little ways, actually. We have a variety of properties across the nation. If you decide to leave after the celebration, we will happily escort you back to wherever you wish." Aeress was tired of being escorted. 

     "I would say that I don't want you to know where I live, but I think we both know that by this time, the information you have on me is definitely not to my liking. So, be honest," she noted the immaculate mansion they were marching toward, "are you escorting me to my death?" She sure as hell hoped not. She wasn't exactly a great runner. 

     Nina laughed. "Of course not. Maybe after you are informed, you will understand that we want just the opposite." 

     The plush grass was luxurious, with vibrant green slashing through the yard. The place itself was humongous, held up by great brown columns. The rest of the house was constructed from lovely hues of red and brown brick. The windows were reflective, making it impossible to see the inside. 

     They made it onto the pavement leading to the entrance when Aeress felt her limbs becoming heavy. One of the guards took hold of her arm and her steps became sluggish. "Don't make me go in." 

     Nina looked behind her with a puzzled expression. "Are you okay?" 

     Aeress shook her head as it filled with white noise. "Don't make me go in there, please." 

     "Calm down, will you?" the guard who was practically carrying her at that point muttered, "you're shaking like a leaf. We aren't going to hurt you. Don't you understand?" 

     "I've been kidnapped!" Aeress shouted. "None of this is okay! I don't care what you people are. Whatever the hell is going on-what the fuck man. This isn't right. I've tried to stay calm, but this just isn't right!" She felt a prick in her side. 

     "You have been through much," Nina soothed, removing the needle. "This whole situation must have your mind in chaos. But do not worry. Everything will be sorted out, I promise." 

     Her eyes drifted closed as they approached the door. 


     Aeress was convinced that she was losing her mind. Or everybody else was insane. 

    People don't just casually pluck people out of their everyday lives. Things like that can't happen. 

     She finished washing her body down, thankful that the dry blood was finally coming off. But it was tough to have soap soak into her fresh wounds, though she managed to endure through it. She had always prided herself on having a high pain tolerance. Except for period cramps, those could take down even the strongest.

     Aeress stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a fluffy, white robe. She combed through her mess of strands. They were tangled and a difficult task to accomplish. 

     Five minutes passed, and her curls were already forming and tangling her stands once more. A lost cause indeed. 

    Her back was aching as she exited the bathroom. The expansive bed was absolutely inviting, although she didn't dare sleep a wink more. There was no telling where she would wake up next.

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