14.Winter Wonderland Pt 1

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(Jack's POV)

It's been a few weeks after New Years which we spent with Justin and Lilly over at their house. The food was amazing and everyone had such a great time. Justin may have had one to many drinks and started dancing like a idiot but that's not that different from a regular day. It seem that Lilly is perfect for him because she started dancing like an idiot with him and she definitely didn't have any drinks because Justin wouldn't let her. I didn't let Adrianna drink either, she's a handful when sober so imagine what it'll be like if she intoxicated.

These past few weeks with my babygirl has been like heaven and I couldn't be any happier. She felt a bit sad about not getting me anything for Christmas so she's been trying to do little sweet things for me. Like when I'm getting ready for work, as I'm in the shower she'll pick out my suit and tie and iron anything that needed to be ironed, which I told her to stop doing because I didn't want her to accidentally burn herself but she strongly insisted. She would also visit me in my office with a cup of coffee in my favorite custom mug that she ordered for me online using some of her weekly allowance, then she would massage my shoulders and rub her fingers through my hair. I know it's a rule for her not to come into my office unless it's an emergency but I just love having her around me at all times.

Even though I loved being spoiled by her that's my job and I'm ready to get back into the flow of things.

I was currently downstairs playing video games, while Adrianna was coloring in her art book on the floor in front of me. Daisy was curled up right by Adrianna's side sleeping. I had taken off of work for a month after New Years because I wanted to spend time with Adrianna and plus I had something planned for her but I haven't told her yet. I've been keeping up with running the Company from home instead so every once in a while I would check some emails and hold conference calls to make sure everything was running smoothly without me and Justin. Usually when I'm out everything is still fine because Justin then takes charge of my position along with his position but Justin also took of a month.

Pulling me out of my thoughts I feel Adrianna poking my leg trying to get my attention.

  "Yes baby?" I ask her while staying focused on Fortnite. (I had to be a basic bitch haha)

  "Daddy can I play video games with you? Pretty pleaseeee." She looks at me with puppy dog eyes and I immediately melt in her palms.

"Of course princess. Come sit and daddy will put on your favorite Sonic racing game." I pay the seat next to me but she decides to sit on my lap instead.

   Minutes into the games and she's kicking my ass. We're in the middle of a race and I'm trying my hardest to get first place but right before I can pass her she turbo speeds across the finish line.

  "Suck it bitch!" She yells and bounces up and down on my lap.

Shit. Shit.Shit. Think fast.

  "Adrianna go upstairs in the bathroom right now" I say using a stern tone. She pouts and heads up stairs because she knows that she isn't aloud to curse.
I had to think of something fast because with all that movement up against my crotch I was definitely getting hard. Thank goodness I quickly got her outta here so that I could get myself in order. I didn't want her to notice because I know it was definitely to early for anything like that and I just want her to be comfortable.

  (Adrianna's POV)

  I waited on the bathroom counter for Jack to come and give me my punishment. I know I'm not supposed to curse but I was just so excited about beating him for the third time in a row.

I start to wonder what's taking him so long and as I'm about to go check he opens the door to the bathroom.

  "Where do you think you're going princess?" He asks me.

  "No where. I was just wondering what was taking you so long." I slowly begin to fidget with the ends of my shorts as I speak. I don't know what it is about him but I always get nervous when I'm answering to him.

"Are you eager for your punishment?" He raises his eyebrow.

"No I just wanted t-". I'm cut off by Jacks hand held up instructing me to stop talking.

"Anyway princess do you know why you're being punished?" He asks.

"Yes. I cursed and it's a rule that I'm not supposed to do that." I answer clearly because I don't want to be any further in trouble.

"Good. Do you know what the punishment for cursing is?" He waits for my response.

  "Yes. I have to wash my mouth out with soap or I get spankings." I answered back.

"Good girl. Now open" he places a small bar of soap into my mouth and watches the time on his phone.

  Once 2 minutes passed he let me spit the bar out into his hand and he threw it out.

"Here princess, some bubbles gum mouthwash to get the icky taste out of your mouth." He hands me a cap with pink liquid inside. I gargle it and then spit it out.
(Spitters are quitters. Haha sorry I couldn't help myself)

  "Good job baby. You handled your punishment so well." he smiles and kisses my forehead as he helps my off the counter.

I head back downstairs with Jack and we both decided on watching some cartoons. Daisy is still cuddled up on the floor with her toy sleeping.

"Hey princess you wanna order dinner tonight. I'm feeling kinda lazy." Jack asks.

"Yay of course daddy. I want Japanese food from that place in town." I'm so excited because I loved the food from there when daddy took me that one time.

  "Can Lilly and Justin come over and eat with us too?" I ask with my bottom lip poking out.

Jack looks at me without saying anything but soon enough he pulled out his phone call Justin, telling him to come over with Lilly.

  About an hour and a half later everyone is eating and watching Frozen on tv. Of course me and Lilly were in charge of picking a movie.
  Once the movie was over and everyone was done eating we decided to just relax for a bit. Jack and Justin played video games while me and Lilly got to catch up with each other.

"So how everything with Justin? You guys seem really happy with each other." I giggle a bit because I'm so happy for my best friend.
"He's so sweet and loving. We just came from getting some stuff for the trip coming up. Did you and jack go get some stuff yet or no?" She asks.

  "What are you talking about?" I'm so confused.

"The trip that Jack and Justin planned for all of us this weekend. To their cabin upstate." She says with a questioning look on her face.

"Wait do you not know yet?" She asks.

"JACKKKKKK" I yell out.


The next few chapters are gonna be so much funnnn!

Oh and anything that I write in captions are my own thoughts for anyone that's confused. I thought it would be cool to interact with you guys while you're reading the chapters and I also have funny thoughts while actually writing so I kinda wanna share that with you guys.

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