0. Gut Feelings & Excitement

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0. Gut Feelings & Excitement

It felt like the start of a good day.

 The soothing breeze lightly blew leaves who had gone astray, birds seemed to tweet a sweet tune, and the sun beamed brightly. Her onyx hair swayed around her heart-shaped face, pink lips pulled upwards and a proud gleam shone within her grey eyes. With a schedule in hand, her long, porcelain legs moved towards the large building, only a small part of To-Oh University. 

 Her class was, unsurprisingly, empty. She arrived a few minutes earlier for a quick look around the large university, hoping to memorize what she could about the school. However, it didn't take her as long as she had thought and she still had some time left to spare. A little too much time, it seemed. The Professor hadn't even arrived yet. Grey eyes glanced around, observing her seating options before eventually deciding to take a spot directly in the middle. With a nod, she was pulling out the books needed for the class, but then, she heard it.

 A booming, sinister-like cackle echoed throughout the room. Her heart had begun to race and her palms started to sweat. Her stomach twisted anxiously, she almost felt like throwing up. It sounded so-- inhumane. She was never the one to believe in the supernatural, finding science and facts far more reliable. But, she found it impossible for such a demonic laugh to come from any sort of person.

 She snapped her head towards the entrance behind her; however, there was no monster-- no supernatural beings. Instead, stood an attractive man staring at her. His russet eyes were slightly narrowed, and his brows furrowed, as if he was thinking. His brown hair seemed to glow in the light, not a single hair seemed out of place. His nose was firm, his jaw sharp. His face was smooth, and free of any blemishes. Then, as the corner of his lips lifted, her eyes had widened from recognition.

 She had seen him at the entrance ceremony, where he and another student gave a speech. They had both gotten complete scores. She didn't think a complete score was even a thing; an impossible thing, if anything. Which was true - until now.

 But, despite his handsome appearance and seemingly brilliant mind, something about the boy made her uneasy. With his gentle appearance, brilliance, and charisma, he seemed perfect. Too perfect. It almost seemed... rehearsed, an act. After all, humans are naturally flawed, herself included.

 She wondered, just what could you be hiding, Yagami Light? Then, the terrifying laugh echoed throughout her head, taunting her, and she couldn't help but think that, somehow, it connected back to him. She didn't know what that could mean for her, especially if she stumbles upon things she shouldn't have. Thankfully, students started piling into the class, and she was able to forget about everything that had to do with the perfect boy.

 Later, she would realize, that as her heart roared in her chest and her instincts screamed, a part of her had liked the thrill-- the excitement. Her body seemed to crave the exhilaration that surrounded all of Yagami Light, as if he was a cool glass of water to drink after walking in the desert heat. But, until then, she wanted nothing to do with him. 


A sigh left his lips, russet hair danced with the breeze. His steps were light and his eyes steadily gazed forward, not sparing even a single glance towards the talkative shinagami besides him. Yet, that didn't seem to bother it, instead, he seemed to become more interested in him.

"I don't think I've ever heard you sigh before, Light," He grinned sharply, "Worried about college now, big guy?"

"Yeah, right." Light scoffed with a frown, "I barley got any time with the Death Note over break and I almost didn't get past the hundreds."

Ryuk paused, "...Man, you're a real weirdo, aren't you?"

Light didn't bother to reply, instead, he took a few steps towards his class door and with a soft tug, it opened. He had expected to be the first one there; however, it seemed as if someone else had beat him there. In the middle of the class, a girl sat, digging through her bag. Ryuk literally cackled at the sight of his shocked face.

Then, her head snapped towards him. Scared, grey eyes framed by long, dark lashes. Long, onyx hair reached the middle of her back, and her round lips were parted from surprise. Despite her soft features, she looked absolutely terrified. She looked at him as if he had killed her entire family, and unless they were criminals, he was almost positive he didn't.

Ryuk begun to sweat at her stare, and whispered, "...Do you think she heard me?"

Impossible, he thought, she never touched my book after all. Then, his lips lifted into a kind(-forced) smile, and the situation was forgotten.


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