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1) For OMP internal use only at this time. We hope to expand this book club in the future and there will be other opportunities for non-members to get involved (contests, workshops, etc.). But for now, this is a test run with a manageable list of participants. If you are already an OMP member, please comment here or DM Fairytale_Fabler with requests to join.  

2) If you have the space, FOLLOW everyone in the book club (optional but recommended).

3) If you're looking at a book on the list and leave a comment, start it with #OMPBookClub. This is so that everyone knows why the comment is there and where it came from. If you leave multiple comments, include it on your final comment or wherever it makes sense.

4) Just getting started? Review blurbs and check out a few chapter ones if you have a chance. Then send in your requests for partners/groups. If you have no preference(s), we can assign them based on genre and availability.

5) If you have any aversions, please mention them. Don't like Sci-fi, won't read Mature, etc. If you've already read a story on the list to completion, please mention that too.

6) No word limits for comments. Just provide something constructive.

7) If someone from OMPBookClub is reading/commenting/enjoying your book, do your best to return the courtesy, even if they are not your partner or part of your group.

8) One chapter/one comment/one week minimum. If you can manage more than that and/or you would like more than one author to work with, please say so or feel free to tackle more on the list of participants. 

9) If something changes and you can't adhere to the requirements, we'll find your partner a new partner and you can go into "observe" mode. You can check in every so often and read/contribute to discussions when and where you can, and return when the situation allows for it.

10) For OMP members and non-members who are either observing or looking to network, feel free to participate in the book club discussions. Have you read any of the books on the list? Which ones would you recommend? Which swapping author is your favorite? And who gives the best feedback?  

11) Add this book to your reading list and stay tuned for updates in terms of both content and policy. The list will be changing and expanding, and we may be welcoming non-members into the club sometime soon.

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