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*Please know that there will be MANY made up things in this story!  So if there's a "fake fact" or something that's not true about the boys, just remember it's only in for the story!  Thanks!*

-Brianna's POV-

        I groaned as I heard my alarm go off, wishing it would stop.  I slapped over though and turned it off, slowly opening my eyes.  I got up and smiled as I realized what today was; the first day of school.  Many people think I'm crazy for it, but I love school.  I get to learn new things, meet new people, and it was a majority of the year!

        I got out of bed and grabbed my clothes that I laid out the night before and put them on before going to my dresser and applying a small amount of makeup, then lightly brushing my hair.  I quickly brushed my teeth and put on some heels as well.  Finally, I grabbed the worst part of me; my glasses.  I sighed as I put them on, but put on a small smile as I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror.  Hey, I believe if you smile for at least a minute, you'll be happier.

         I made my way downstairs where my backpack sat on a chair all packed and ready and smiled when I saw my dad drinking coffee at the table.  He's a doctor so he works a lot, meaning it's rare when I get to see him, even for a few minutes in the morning.

        "Hi daddy!" I greeted, kissing him on the cheek and being careful not to get lipstick on him.

        He smiled up at me though.  "Good morning, princess!  Ready for your first day?" He asked.

        "Yes, I'm so excited!  I have a feeling it will be another great year!"  I exclaimed as I grabbed a plate, a bagel from the pantry, and cream cheese from the fridge.

        "Another year full of A's as well, I hope!" he added, making me giggle.  School was something that just naturally came easy to me, no matter what subject.  It helped that I was an organized and determined person as well.

        I heard footsteps and turned to see my older brother, Michael.  Or as I call him, Mikey.  He just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a box of cereal, opening it and eating straight from the box.  I tilted my head at him, obviously annoyed.  He knew that I hated when he did that, but he did it anyway.

        "Excited for school, Michael?" Our dad asked him, although we all already knew the answer.

        "I just want the year to be over with, then I'm out for good!"  Mikey said, shoving another handful of cereal in his mouth.  He only had a year left of school, while I had two.  I was only a year younger than him.

        "What about college?"

        Mikey scoffed.  "I'm in a band, dad!  I don't need to go to college when I'll be famous."

        I rolled my eyes, finishing up with my bagel before eating it.  Mikey and his three best friends were all in a band, he played guitar.  They practiced here a lot and I have to admit they're pretty good, but it was annoying to hear them play all the time.

        "Are you sure you don't want to at least consider getting an education?  You never know how this whole rockstar thing will turn out," our dad warned him.  When Mikey first joined the band a few years ago, my dad didn't mind and thought it was a good way for Mikey to express himself.  But now that he was about to graduate and was having the band as his future, my dad didn't like it anymore.

        "I know that we're good, and we just need a chance.  Don't worry!"  Mikey put the cereal away and opened the fridge, probably getting milk to drink.

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