New Character!

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Name: Katelynn (thank you katelynn for all your ideas)

Age: 20

Job: Modeling, but works at taco bell in between.

personality: cheerful, random, and always positive, the basic white girl-instagram,uggs, and starbucks-

Description: black hair with side wept bangs and a brown streak, 5'5, skinny, blue eyes, and slightly tan.

I am working on the chapter right now! my stupid apple laptop crashed and started to work really slow and started to freeze every two seconds so I have to update from my phone now. kms. Thanks to my dear reader Katelynn, I have an inspiration to write! I'm sorry its not going to be as well because I am working on a phone, but please bare with me for a bit. I am getting a new laptop in two weeks so that may be just the next time I update. The next chapter will be up soon you little daleks you.

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