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Ksitigarbha became Hell's ruler when he promised that he will never become a Buddha unless Hell becomes empty.

Xie Fei, is the name of the current ruler of Hell, which also known as Ksitigarbha.

From couple of ten thousands years when he became a Ksitigarbha, Xie Fei sealed himself in the Emerald cloud palace cultivating. He will only step out if any serious problems arise, other matters are usually dealt by Queen of earth, Hou Tu and Cui judge with the ten courts of hell.

Hell's management was always organized and smooth.

Until one day, the ten courts of hell found out that the ghosts who just recently arrived at Hell have heavy resentments. They didn't want to drink the 'mengpo' soup and also not willing to cross the 'naihe' bridge, causing demons and devils to be incited.

For resentments are very nutritious to them.

They reported to Queen of earth on this finding and she asked Cui judge to investigate. The matter became more serious so they reported to Xie Fie, pulling him away from his cultivation.

Xie Fei came out with a golden black robe, and a golden belt while his long black hair laid still behind his back.

Hou Tu wore a golden chinese traditional clothing, slighty saluted with Cui judge respectfully bowing " Greeting to Ksitigarbha."

Xie Fei nodded, exerting apathetic aura. "What is it?"

Hou Tu with a beautiful face, produced a melodic voice " The ten courts of hell reported the ghosts that recently came have deep resentments and obsessions. After Cui judge investigation, we found out that they probably got hurt emotionally when alive, and so they transformed into evil spirits, if they are not dealt with accordingly, worst might happened and they will turn into either demons or devils."

"Wu." Xie Fei closed his mouth lightly, a cold expression can be seen on his face. (wu: a Cantonese term of 'yes')

"Ksitigarbha..." Cui judge looked at Xie Fei, hesitated for a moment, then carefully spoked "These evil spirits are not suitable to go back to the transmigration circle, right now they only have two options, either keep gathering resentments and become devils or demons, or guard the resentments in hell and become wandering souls.

Xie Fei lightly tapped the chair's handle, eyes aimlessly looked around, after sometime he opened his mouth " Didn't you say they have resentments?"

Cui judge nodded, looking confused.

"Then for the price of their souls, help them solve their resentments." XieFei responded with a lack of interest.

When the Hou Tu heard those words, her worried expression softened, she patted her dress and smiled " That is our Ksitigarbha, which Big sis I admired."

Xie Fei nodded, still with his apathetic appearance, didn't seemed to hear Hou Tu's tease, and Queen of earth looks as if she was not bothered by it.

Settling such matter, Xie Fei was about to leave when Cui judge hurriedly called him " Ksitigarbha, who will we send to solve these souls' resentments?"

" Who are currently not too occupied with work?" Xie Fei lazily laid back on the chair, asked with a slothful voice.

Cui judge waved his hand and a book named "Judges booklet" appeared. the pages automatically flipped when he tapped the cover. He put up a bitter smile after thoroughly went through the pages " It seems that Ksitigarbha and Hou Tu are the most unoccupied at the moment."

"Oh?" Xie Fei gave a suprised gaze at Queen of earth, lifted his eyebrows and said "Then Hou Tu can---"

"Ksitigarbha, according to big sis, this task is better suited for you." Hou Tu gave him a despicable look, giggled to cut him off.


"You think the previous Ksitigarbha reached supreme by just locking himself in a room cultivating? You have already stayed in Hell for more than ten thousands of years, if you don't journey out into the mortal world, meet different humans, how did you got the courage to promise ' Never become Buddha unless Hell becomes empty', and how can you find the true meaning of life, to reached the peak of cultivation?" she curled he lips as she faintly explained.

Sinking in thought for a while, Xie Fei responded " I found no fault in your speech."

"It's settled then." The bossy Hou Tu called Cui judge over with in a happy mood. " small Cui, tell somebody to build a cave dwelling near the nether bridge of Hell's entrance, we will called it--"

Hou Tu slightly tilted her head, and smiled " we will call it 'The Soul Pawn Shop'! Please tell the cow-headed and the horse-faced he'll guards to bring the evil spirits there, then notify the heibai wuchang, if there are other ghosts like these, they can guide them there."

"As you wish, Queen if Earth." Cui took a glimpse at Xie Fei who didn't object, and answered.

Since then, there is a cave dwelling near the nether bridge of Hell's entrance. The owner of this dwelling is a cold young handsome man. If you have any regrets, resentments, something that you can't get, or love problems, you can request for it there.

The price for such an request of course, is your soul.

And the name of this cave dwelling 'Soul Pawn Shop'

Ksitigarbha: a title given to the ruler of Hell
Cui judge: the head of judges, the one who possessed the book of life and death
Ten courts of hell: each court is assigned with a specific punishment
Wu: a Cantonese term of yes
Heibai wuchang: workers who guide ghosts to the underworld.

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