~ Dreams ~

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Motoko left him to getting used to his new room and life. For the entire night, she worked with her team to try and find who he really was and why he had been transported. They interrogated the men who they captured but most had been brain wiped or had been killed by suicide programs. She did however begin to piece together that someone was in charge of it and had Boma and Ishikawa on checking the data with Togusa on lead.

That night, she would come up to his room to check on him, having used the security camera's hidden in the room to make sure he was awake before knocking on the door and waiting outside, as if it was HIS room, and not really a holding cell for him; a very nice holding cell in fact.

"You okay?" She would ask as she was let in. "Settling in okay?" She asked,

Ankoku had taken most of the time he had trying to get used to his new body. From normal things like getting up from the bed, and walking across the room. At the moment, he didn't feel like watching movies, but he had found a documentary about Japan. Nothing too much, but surely at least he knew more than he did before. After that he had rested for around an hour.

What had happened during the sleep actually intrigued him.

"Oh Major. Good evening, how have you been?" He asked. "I am mostly getting used to this body but otherwise, I am fine, I am not missing any comfort.

'Yet I feel restless.' He thought.

He decided not to tell her mostly because he couldn't even explain why? Was he still nervous about his body coming mass produced? Or maybe the fact that, despite he was being treated as humanly as possible, he was still held as stolen property? He really couldn't answer.

"I had a dream, you know... from what I know, dreams are fragments of perception filtered through the brain into a narrative, could there be any memory inside it?"

Scratching his head he asked: "Can I share it with you?"

"Dreams are mostly memories from our subconscious and yes you can." She came in and sat down on the sofa, pulling out a small neck brace like object and putting it on her neck.

"This is a defence barrier, it will help me if there are any dangerous things inside your cyber brain." She explained and pulled out the cable.

"Well, you are the public officer and the expert, if you think this is necessary." He said with a nod before realising.

'Oh, of course, she was literally going to see it.'

Well, much better than just share it. He had to get used to how now he could pretty much do this. He had heard that it was outright possible to dive into other places with such ease you could outright find a second world in the net.

"This may feel weird for a moment but you'll get used to it." And with that she reached over him, her breasts almost pressing into his face, as she slid it into the port at the back of his neck.

As at the moment he was trying to 'latch' to his new body, he would rather avoid this. These thoughts almost vanished at the sight of Motoko's cleavage but managed to keep calm as she would connect to him

A moment later his vision blurred and he'd be in the virtual living room, she had created it to look perfect like the original.

"Alright, you can show me the dream, we'll go find it together." She told him and took his hand.

"Am I... back in the virtual reality?", he asked before taking some time to focus.

"Yes this is the virutal world." She smiled. "I created this little, well, lobby, so that it would not be so strange. A virtual world can be shown to many in different ways. We are avatars at the moment but I could literally be just an image of my face, a logo or even just a small circle showing my existance." She explained and then began to go through the dream with him.

"So, I was in this field? Forest? I'm not sure..." Ankoku explained as the place shifted as he told, as now the two were walking together on a path surrounded by shades of green and grey.

"My feet hurt... I couldn't explain why but I was angry at myself because I wasn't walking too much yet my feet hurt... I think I was a little faster than usual. I don't know why. When suddenly I see a tree" He spoke as the surrounding changed shape into a circle with said tree.

"And I was wondering why this tree was so different, as it had purple leaves and red fruits. As I am suddenly hungry, I think, I go to pick one of the fruits and I open it. He turned and showed her the fruit, a red pomegranate.

"I could smell it. It had a nice odour but as I am about to eat, I feel rain. The rain feels... odd... bubbly, I guess? And so I suddenly feel guilty and set the fruit away in shame. I seek protection from the rain and suddenly I am back laying in the capsule you found me. I am calm because it doesn't rain there. I try to touch the walls but I can't and it's then I wake up, with my arm up in the air, twitching a little.

He showed himself, or rather, a projection of himself, in that position on the bed. "Does it mean anything?"

"I'd have to have my people in my team check the dream over for analysis, but it could be something significant." She explained and reached out to grab the world in front of her, it blinked out of existence and into a small ball of glass, playing out inside the ball.

"I will take a copy if you do not mind? This will be needed for analysis." She put it in her pocket and turned to him.

"Are you okay? Are you getting used to yourself; I would like to know and help if there is anything you need."

"The bed is comfortable and I can't get too bored here. I will tell you if I have better dreams or some other information I can give you about myself or my past self or current self and possibly future self too." Ankoku nodded as he thought a little as he nodded.

"I feel a little silly to ask so many questions about my body but I think you should not underestimate yourself. I mean, I bet your model must have gone through multiple updates and modifications, both hardware and software." He bit his lip and stopped talking. It must be a personal thing to talk about such things.

Bowing his head to her, he smiled. "Goodnight."

"Its fine to ask questions. You will never learn anything if you dont ask questions." She smiled and chuckled. "I've been through so many bodies, sometimes I wonder if I'm even human." She let that slip a little before nodding.

"You are safe from a lot of things when you're with me. Goodnight, if you need me. Just think my name and the word 'Call' and you'll connect right to me, just think the words and you'll talk on your internal communications. Its the only thing I got active between you and I." She explained and left him to his own devices.

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