Chapter Seven - Christmas Extravaganza

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psa: ik this scene didn't happen in the books but i liked how dramatized it was in the movies so i included it 🤷🏽‍♀️ don't sue me

Harry practically dove face first into the bed of Fred and George's room, as he was there before school started because they were so busy with the jokes shop. He buried his face into the pillows and muttered words of embarrassment, words in which he was grateful that no one would ever hear. Hedwig hooted happily from the perch in her cage, and flapped her wings anxiously as Harry raised his head.

     "It was a long trip, wasn't it Hedwig?" Harry moaned, and opened the latch to her cage. She immediately outstretched her wings and bolted out of the window, flying in glorious circles around the house. Harry smiled to himself, and stripped himself of all of his winter clothes.

The train ride on the way was agonizing. Harry didn't say a word for the whole way, claiming that he had a terrible stomach ache from drinking so much at Slughorn's Christmas Party. Which was a complete lie, by the way. Harry felt perfectly fine other than the fact that whenever he looked at Hermione, he wanted to leap across the compartment and snog her. He saw her and Ron somewhat civil with each other, but not fully mended yet. Even their peaceful glances to one another made Harry's blood boil under his skin. To calm his nerves, he sat against the window with his hand firmly clutching his stomach and his forehead pressed against the ice cold window that was crackling with ice. The sight of the snow covered environment was very beautiful, but it was no comparison to his relationship with Hermione.

He sometimes wondered how Ron would react, if Harry just lost control over himself and pursued Hermione. He was happy, why couldn't Harry be?

Lavender had even wildly appeared in front of the trio's compartment door. She was leaned against it, breathing so heavily that fogs of her breath were appearing on the door. She suddenly lit up with an idea, and began to trace words over the glass that was becoming hot with her breath. Ron watched with annoying pleasure, while Hermione minimized her attention with pure disgust, and tried to distract herself with her book.

Harry's eyes stayed trained on Lavender's enthusiasm, wishing he had the potential to act such a way towards Hermione. He looked at her, and a feeling of sadness rose through him. He never caught Hermione glancing at him, but if he ever did, she was in need of her friend, her brother like figure.

Lavender had traced the words 'L + R = FOREVER' in a heart shaped figure, and took a step back to admire her work. She then pressed her nose against the glass and blew Ron a very wet kiss, and at that point, Harry could not help but to grimace.

As Harry's face buried itself further and further in the Puking Pastel scented pillow, he was mentally slapping himself in the head for continuing to surprise himself with his pure idiocy. He finally fell asleep with the same thoughts engraved into the back of his mind, as it was slowly taking over.


Ron had stuffed another fun sized Christmas tree shaped pumpkin pie into his mouth, and piled about four more onto his dessert filled plate. Hermione shook her head disapprovingly. She walked over to the couch where Harry was, and sat down next to him. Her hand accidentally brushed his as she did so, and he shivered as chills burst up his spine. Hermione noticed this, but thought that it was due to the occasional chills that seeped through the frosted doors. His eyes stayed trained on her as she took a large gulp of her eggnog and set it down on the coffee table.

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