Trip|| Austin porter

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pulling up to your dealers crib. it's late but for you he always makes an exception. walking in and seeing him shoot up making eye contact"two tabs right" he says cheesing letting his golden hairs lay against his face."yeah, you got rick and morty ones" you slightly chuckle."no im out i only have some from my personal collection." he looks you up and down."who you planning to trip with" he questions"myself" you sadly admit. he bites the corner of his lip"how about we trip together free charge" he smiles, you nod as he grabs your arm pulling you into his room. glancing around it's filled with tapestries and posters. a perfect setting for a trip. he goes into a box and pulls out two tabs handing you one."you down for anything on this trip" he said as he placed the tab onto his tongue leaning down pushing himself on top of you. placing the tab on your tongue looking up and smirking at him. he slowly raises his hands into your hair following with his lips above yours "you know ive been dying to get my hands on you. you always come at dick me down hours just to what? tease me" he slowly hums into your ear. you squeeze your thighs together as a pressure begins to build. he begins to suck on your neck kissing against your jaw then slowly down to your breasts. you pull off your shirt as he pushes your arms above your head, using a blanket to tie them together looking at you for approval first. you squirm at his sight, he chuckles as he slowly licks a trail down your torso. eager you buck your hips up."sweetheart trust me you'll wanna wait" just then you feel your vision begin to wave. his tongue against your stomach feeling like a popsicle dragging around you."austin please" his head dips as you look at his tapestry not noticing his next action. he places his tongue flat against you. you moan as he swirls his tongue up and down, side to side. not able to comprehend how good head feels on a trip you came instantly when he added in a finger."god damn babygirl i told you to wait" he said as he sucked his fingers clean. popping up on your knees, you want to please him. putting your tied arms to him and pouting. smirking he unties them and you go straight to work pulling off his shirt then pants rubbing him through his boxers. looking up at him he was mesmerizing. then pulling his shaft out from his boxers you slowly start to pump up and down. slowly tapping his tip with your tongue before you take him all in."fuck" he mumbles as you start to bob up and down while stroking with your other hand. never have you once felt so relaxed and horny at the same time. austin starts to twitch as you deep throat him going in balls deep you feel a hot substance shoot into the back of your throat sucking him dry. laying back you look around the room waving as you craved him inside you. looking over he was staring at the ceiling in awe. you clime over him and slowly place yourself onto him he darts his eyes towards you as he takes one of your breasts and places it in his mouth humming in approval as you slowly start to grind on him. you start to change motion and bounce a little as he lightly bites down on your nipple showing it's pleasing him."god you don't know how long ive wanted this" you panted on top of him. he looks into your eyes as he flips you over so he's now on top. pulling one leg onto his shoulder so he can fill you up completely. you pull his body closer, you guys are in your own universe. tangling your hands in his hair as he strokes in and out of you. smashing your lips into his and your sloppy kisses following with sloppy strokes from him. you squeeze yourself around him causing him to release in you as he pulls out, you insert your fingers pumping as you look at him exhale heavily seeing him pant is just enough for you to cum. he gets up grabbing a tissue followed with one of his t-shirts. he cleans you up and then puts you into his shirt before he slips on a pair of naruto boxers jumping into the bed and cuddling with you. definitely the best damn trip.

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