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"Class today we will be partnering up. I'll be choosing because when you chose not one bit of my work gets done. These projects will be due Friday of next week. Best bet will be to get it done early so you have a life to get back to." The teacher told the class.  I have a very good idea of who she going to pair me up with. I looked towards Ali Gois and shook my head. The dude is dumb as freak. I really hope I don't get him this week.  "Um, Deventity your with Edwin Honoret." Ms.Collins told me.  I was shocked. 1.) because she didn't put me with my usual. Thank god. 2.) because Edwin is my hugest crush and had been since grade school.  He walks over to my seat and sit next to me. He smiles at me. I smiled back.  "By the way guys. When you move you stay. These are your seats for remainder of the year." She informs us.  Everyone begins to pack up. Then the bell rings. I was the last one out of class and as usual Ms.Collins told me to stay back. She told Edwin to stay back as well.  "Deventity, could you help Edwin out. He's kinda struggling in my class. He could probably use all the help he could get. I know you guys will finish the project my Monday, so help him for Friday." She told me.  "You have a very odd way of explaining things but okay. I'll try." I told her.  "Edwin honey come here."  Edwin got up and walked to the desk.  "Deventity will help you study after the project is done. She is a fast worker and she get everything done. I need for you to do the same. Okay?" She asked him.  "Yeah," Edwin said.  He's already irritated.  I walked out of the class and he tapped my shoulder.  "Where should we meet up at?" He asked me.  "The library would be fine.."  "I don't do libraries,," He told me.  "Then your house," I told him.  "My house is going to be full and loud." He told.  "Let's just go to your house..." he recommends.  "Yeah, my parents are away on business trip so just meet up in the student parking lot."  I told him.  I walked away, I felt his eyes burning threw my back and it was oddly pleasing.  ....  I was in the parking lot sitting on top of my car waiting on Edwin. I heard my name called several times just didn't know where they were coming from.  "Yo, Deventity. My bad I'm late. I had to tell the guys to leave me back." He told me.  "It's fine. Just get in. We're going to get Food first. Then we could head to my house. What can you eat?" I asked him.  He mumbled something. "you.." I acted as if I didn't hear him. Little freaky ass.  "Huh?" I asked.  "I said it doesn't matter." He told me.  "Uh- huh..." I laughed.  We pulled up to Cook Out and I ordered a Chocolate Shake with a burger and fries. I let Edwin order his own stuff. Cause he's a big boy.  "$10.97." The person over the intercom said.  I pulled out my wallet and grabbed a 20 dollar bill.  "I could pay..." He told me.  "Who's driving?" I asked.  "You?" He said awkwardly.  "That means I'm paying. So shhh I got this." I laughed out.  I handed the money to the cashier. "Keep the other $9.03." I said.  I grabbed my food and handed Edwin his food. Then we were on the way to my house. Which is literally 5 seconds away in a car.  "Wow your place is big." Edwin told me.  "Eh, I've seen bigger." I gotut the car and unlocked my door.  Once I was in my Alaskan Malamute ran over jumping on me.
Whoa that's a big ass dog." Edwin screeches.  I laugh. "Let her sniff you a bit."  "Does she bite?" He asked still standing outside.  "All dogs bite. Just come in and pet her. It's starting to rain outside and  your letting the heat out." I said putting keys on the tall table by the door.  "Nice doggy. I mean no harm." Edwin said.  She sniffed his hand and put her head in his hands.  "Awe, she so cute. What's her name?"   "Diamond." I said walking into the kitchen.  He soon followed after.  "That's a unique name." He told me.  "I know right. Google found it." I laughed.  He laughed as well.  —  "That's prettymuch (woohoo) everything for now. We got all the notes and we did our research. So we an get the supplies by tomorrow and we just go from there. I'm now hungry..." I told him.  "Yo, I need to talk to you." He says rubbing my dogs head.  "Sure,"  "So like I've noticed you for a while and you're like mad smart. I remember you from grade school, you always had that cheeky smile. Cute little dimples, sexy ass freckles and a nice little waist. Ya know.." he said.  I blushed hella hard.  "Your really cool to be around and I rarely see you with anyone." He told me moving next to me.  "You are perfect baby," He told me in my ear.  I felt like I was in a trance. Like dead ass under a spell.  "I- I don't know about perfect but, everything else is true." I told him.  He kissed behind my ear and wrapped his hands around my shoulders bringing me to turn myself towards him. He kissed me and I obviously kissed back.  "You a virgin?" He asked.  "Nope, sadly not..." I told him.  "Why sadly?" He said.  "It was with a guy I was talking to for 3 weeks.." I laughed.  "Well you've know me since grade school. Ya dig?" He told me.  I looked at him and climbed on top of him. Taking his face and smashing it to my mine. He moans as I grind against him. I smile and he moves his head towards my neck. I bit my lip to hold back the moan as he sucks on my sweet spot.  "Say it," He said against my neck.  (It)  "Wait," I told him.  "Maybe we should go to my room?" I asked.  "Yeah," He said.  We got up and I took his hand down to the hall. To my room. I closed and locked the door. He threw me on the bed. I laughed and took my socks and shoes off.  He stripped his shirt and hovered over me. He began kissing me and to my luck my phone rang.  "Uh. Hello?" I said pressing the speaker phone.  (Hello hello hello. Woohoo)  "Hey Girl! I'm coming over." My only Friend said.  "NO! You can't!" I told.  "Why can't I come?" She asked.  "Don't say come!" I said into the phone.  Edwin laughs quietly as he gets up and sits at the head of my bed.  "Why?!" She said. "You're acting weird."  "Just, stay where you are then come around 7 or 8:30 tonight." I told her.  "How the hell you gone tell me not to say come and you just said come. IM CONFUSION!!" She screamed.  Edwin was literally dying at the head of my bed.  "You Need Jesus!" I told her.  "You need a memory card cause you forgetting some key stuff." She told me.  "If I wanna come I'll come, you feel me I will come!!" She yelled.  "KAMERAN," I yelled back.  "Deventity please!?" She pleaded.  "Bye kam," I said.  "I'm not do-" I hung up the phone and turned back to Edwin.  "If she wanna come she'll come. SHE WILL COME!" He mocked.  "Shut up and come here fool." I said grabbing his neck.  He leaned back down and kissed me. He took his pants off.  I stopped again to grab something.  "Could we stop stopping?" He asked.  "Yeah. Just put this on. I can't risk anything." I told handing Edwin a condom.  He looked at me then back at the condom. He got up and walked to my back room sighing.  Perfect enough time for me to amp myself up.  "you're great!!!  just do it do it do it do it do it now lick it good he gone eat this pussy just like he should. Right now lick it good." I told myself.  I heard the knob turn and I laid back down acting normal.  "You ready for real now?" He asked.  I laughed and nodded my head.  He walked back over to me and continued what he started. He started to rub me through my panties.   I bit my lip and moaned. My toes curled up and I clenched up. He goes into my panties and starts rubbing me faster entering his fingers as well.  "Oh my g..god!" I said.  He kissed me again and I bit his lip. He groaned and bit mine.  "Edwin, stop you're teasing and just do it already." I told him. (Do it now 😉)  He pulled his boxers and my panties down. He stroked himself a few time and opened my legs a little. He stuck himself in my entrance and it felt so weird but so good.  "Oh my, it's been a minute." I moaned out.  I wrapped my legs around him as he thrusted in me.  (YOU WANNA RAM IT IN MY CAT!)  He began to speed up and and I felt my kidneys moving. (Is that a good thing?) My eyes rolled to the back of my head so far that I could see the top of my brain.  "DADDY," I moaned.  He went even faster. Faster than the speed of light. (That's pretty fast.) He put his head in my neck and I gripped his back. Probably leaving gashes on his back.  He grunted and groaned loud and slow. His thrust got sloppier and sloppier.  "Fuck, I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." I began.  "Hold it. Please." He pulls out and goes down on me.  "Ugh, shit fuck damn!" I screamed. "Right there, right there." I moved his head around to each spot that felt good.  I came really hard and I was dripping. He rubbed and blew on my vagina and I jerked back.  "My turn." I told him.  I got up and sat him on the bed. Taking off the condom and throwing it into my nearby trash bin, I took his whole member and took it in. I looked at him and his mouth was dropped in shock.  "Well damn," He said.  He moved my curly locks around and I sucked his soul.  He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.  "Whoa! You're fucking amazing!" He told me.  I wiped my mouth and slipped on my clothes. He did the same. I laid on my bed and he did the same.  "Yo, My people is here to pick me up," He told me.  "Come on." I grabbed his hand and walked him to the front door.  ...  I opened the door and saw my friend Kameran waiting.  "Why is there like 4 cute guys in your drive way?" She stepped in my house seeing Edwin.  "Is this why you said don't say come?" She asked.  "Bye Edwin," He Kisses my lips.  "Bye same time tomorrow?" He asked.  "Yeah I'll meet you at the library." I laughed.  He rolls his eyes and laughs walking out my door.  "OHHHHH!" Kameran said from the kitchen. " YOU DIRTY BITCH!"  I laughed and hugged her.  "Ew get off me you smell like him. Take a shower. I'm scared to lay I your bed." She fake cries.  "I love you!" I said.

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