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Chapter 35

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(So the Joe chapters during the memory loss are kinda gonna be all over the place constantly switching from Joe (1)'s POV to Joe (2)'s POV so I apologize)

- Joe (2) -

After Caspar left, I was surrounded instantly by dozens of doctors, all rapidly asking me questions at once.

I closed my eyes. Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all. The questions circled around in my head, I couldn't concentrate to answer a single one. 

"Alright, I think we should ask questions one at a time. He looks stressed." I opened my eyes. My hero. My vision directed to the direction of where the voice had come from.

I couldn't stop my eyes from widening. The most beautiful female I've ever seen stood in a thin long white Doctors jacket. The navy blue shirt she wore under highlighting her deep blue eyes. Her dark almost black wavy hair tumbled just below her elbows.

"Thank you." I said, not being able to pull my eyes from hers.

Each of the doctors eagerly took turns asking me questions that only seemed to get harder. They sent me through many scans, took multiple x-rays and constant notes. The doctors didn't even try to hide their amusement and confusion towards me.

My phone buzzed. It was Caspar. Again. I set my phone down, too tired to answer. I was alone in the room, all the doctors had left to compare notes. it must have been night by now.

The same beautiful doctor that had saved me walked in, her hair bouncing slightly.

"My name is Katie." Even her lips moved perfectly.

I shook her hand, "Joe." I said, even though I knew she already knew my name.

She laughed lightly, and I felt my heart skip a beat.

- Joe (1)

"FUCKING ANSWER YOUR TEXTS!" I screamed at the new Joe that had taken over my body. He couldn't hear me. The more I screamed at him, the angrier I got.

Katie was beautiful. But she wasn't Caspar. And I would never fall in love with her, or even like her romantically. So why couldn't I control Joe's heart? Why were his feelings different from mine? Wasn't he supposed to have my personality? I felt absolutely nothing towards Katie. I wanted to throw his phone at him and force him to reply to Caspar.

I watched as Joe made small talk with Katie, spitting out some dry jokes that I wouldn't even laugh off. But Katie was eating it all up. I grimaced when Joe asked if she was married.


Katie's face turned slightly pink, as she said no.

Joe made some flirty comment about how he couldn't believe her because she was so beautiful. Ugh. I couldn't help but cover my ears. Hatred bubbled in the pit of my stomach.

- Joe (2) -

There was always a light in dark situations. I was beginning to think Katie was my light. I had barely known her, but it was like love at first sight. Or at least, I thought it was love. I had never expirenced this feeling before. Not only for her beautiful appearance but for her breathtaking laugh, and smooth way of speech. She was everything I had ever dreamed of. She was possibly even better than Mila Kunis. And I had never said that about anyone. Katie was special. I could already tell.

"Well," she said after we talked for a while, "you can stay here for the night. The doctors might have a couple questions for you in the morning, but then you're free to go. We are all so thankful for your time. I personally am extremely happy to have been able to talk to you." She said, tossing her perfect hair behind her shoulder, before waving as she exited the room.

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