Whiskey kissed ; edwin

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Rosanna "Your Whiskey Kisses all on my lips, I keep coming right back." I sang as I swept the floor. "Hey baby, I'm home," Edwin says coming through the door. He kisses me on my cheek and grabs a bottle of water before exiting the kitchen. I finished sweeping and I got up the dirt. Walking to put away the dustpan and broom, I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist. "Guess who's birthday is at 1:56 am?" Edwin says into my ear. "I dunno," I said cluelessly. "Your's silly, can't wait," he replies. That's a shame I forgot my own birthday. Oh well, I'm going to be asleep so whats the point. "What? Boy imma be sleep." I told him. "Not if I'm up in there." He winks at me, kissing me. I giggle. He's always making dirty comments or jokes then kissing me. "Baby, stop. It's only 1:16 am." I said. "I can wait until then." He said biting my neck. "Edwin Joel," I laughed pushing him aside. "You looking fine as shit when you in my clothes, you know that right?" He told me. I shake my ass a little bit, just to tease him, and run into the basement. "Just wait, just fucking wait," He yelled. I grabbed a bottle of Whiskey and walked back upstairs. I pulled out glasses and sat them and the liquor on the island counter-top. I already know what's going down in that bedroom tonight. I can already feel his cool minty breath on my neck, and in between my legs, on my core. Chills ran down my body at the thought of Edwin fucking my daylights out. The clock hit 1:46 am, I literally have 10 minutes. I really don't want it to be my birthday. "Edwin baby, come here." I said. He ran into the kitchen. "Can I cum in there?" Edwin asked with the sexiest smirk on his face. "I'll think about it..." I told pouring our glasses of Whiskey. - "Baby, guess wha-what time it is!" Edwin's voice boomed through our home. "Um, imma take a wild guess and say 1:56." I said sarcastically. "Yep and you know what that means.." He said coming around the corner in no shirt but just sweatpants. "Yeah, it means time for me to go to sleep." I said walking past him just to be grabbed by the waist and pushed against his pelvis. "You can sleep at 3:00, right now I want you." He told me. That instantly turned me on. I kissed his lips passionately but roughly. He slams me against the wall and rips his shirt off of me. I wasn't wear a bra, so i was instantly exposed to him. Me and Edwin have had sex plenty of time so i'm not really worried, but I am insecure. He takes my legs and pushed me up to his level. Kisses began trailing down to my breasts, he took one into his mouth and cuffed the other one. I moaned at the warmth and the feeling of him against me, I loved that feeling. He brought me to my legs a dragged me to the room locking our door behind us. He threw me on the bed. Taking off his pants, and throwing them to the side. Climbing on top of me and pining my arms above my head. Snatching off my underwear, He goes in on me. Just ramming my pussy. Hard, harder than ever before. "AHH!" I screamed. "Fuck, baby you.... tight." He moans out. "Uhh Daddy!" I screamed out and he stops and begins eating me out. Licking my clit side to side, up and down, shit even in ways I didn't even know he could. Shit I don't mind. I want to return the favor. I stopped him and got down in my knees and looked at the sight. My god it was beautiful. I took it all in and deep throated him. That took him over the edge. He stood there in shock mixed with pleasure. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. So far he could probably see his brain. I stopped and sucked on his shaft. After I felt hit twitch in me I felt warm liquids form in my mouth. "That was the best head you ever gave me!" He said out of breath. I laid back down hoping to be done, oh but we're not done. In fact we just getting started. He pinned me down again with my arms over my head and start to go balls deep inside of me. I felt my guts moving. It felt so good, I wanted him to choke me. I bring one of his hands to my neck and he started going even faster than before. "Fuck, right there. Right there. I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I screamed. "Me too." He looked at me with wide eyes. "Cum in me daddy." I said to him. He starts grunting and groaning. His thrust got sloppier by the second and I felt him twitch inside of me and I felt the warm liquid pour into my system. "Happy birthday..." he whispered going into our bathroom. "Thank you Daddy." I said following him. "What you want more?" He asked smirking. "Is that even question?" I asked running and locking the bathroom door

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