Bet he couldn't do that// N.M

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"It's like I'm not even there to you, you only notice him and never me!" Nick's voice furiously boomed as soon as the door closed. His hands went to his hips as he looked at me accusingly. "He's my best friend Nick! You know that we've always been close! And anyway, you've hung out with us a million times, and you choose now to bring it up?" My arms locked over my chest as I rolled my eyes at Nick's jealous behaviour. It's not like he had anything to fear. "Yeah, well we started off as friends too!" A prominent vein bulged out as he screamed at me. My hands tightened around me, his anger rolling off him in waves. "Stop! I've known him my whole life! And during that whole time, I've never once had feelings for him!" "He tried to make a move on you! Couldn't you see?" He took a step towards me, I took a step to him too, not afraid or ready to stand down, "He was going to kiss you!" "Maybe I should've let him" I menacingly whispered, regretting what I said soon after. It was completely unlike me, but somehow Nick's anger for such a petty thing clouded my common sense.  Nick's eyes widened, his hands slowly balled into fists. He takes a step towards me. With me being stubborn, I had no intention of moving. Soon Nick's strokes came faster, I didn't have time to react before my back hit the cold wall, my wrists being moved above my head. Nick moved his face to the crook of my neck, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin.  The anger I had for him soon became clouded by my overwhelming lust for this boy. His hands wandered from my wrist down my body, ridding my shirt up, squeezing my waist. I bit back a moan as his hands began massaging my right breast. Nick moved back enough to pull my shirt off my body, throwing it behind him. His hands hungrily began palming my breasts before taking my bra off as well. He lowered slightly and licked my nipple, before sucking it, his eyes boring into mine. I didn't try to hide the low moan released form my lips as Nick's tongue moved against my nipple. His tongue ran across to my other breast, sucking and licking my left nipple. Seconds later, his mouth left me, his hands gripped my thighs, pulling me on to his hips, carrying me to the couch. He threw me down, careful not to hurt me, but enough strength to know what he wanted. Before Nick could get full control, I grab him by the collar of his shirt, pushing down on the couch, straddling him.  I grind slowly on to the bulge of his grey sweatpants, my hands over his head on the arm of the couch. I watched as Nick's eyes wandered down to our bodies moving against one another, his hands gripped my ass, helping me move. I grab his face, moving him to look at me, my lips crashing into his. It was sloppy and all teeth, the lust and anger coming back. It was going to be love and gentle kisses, but fucking with love bites. Just the way I wanted.  "Fuck babygirl, I want to cum in you, not in my pants," his hand moved down to my panties, rubbing his fingers against my clit, "it seems like I'm not the only one that's going to cum, c'mob babygirl, do it for daddy." I moan as I get off him, his hands grabbing me by my waist pulling down to the edge of the couch. He lands on his knees, spreading my legs, his hands gripping my panties, pulling down the material excruciatingly slow. His thumbs press my thighs, before he leans in, licking a strip up for my slit to my clit. My head moved even deeper into the couch, my eyes screwed shut as Nick started to teasingly suck my clit.  I felt his warm fingers trail up my thighs to my clit, plunging in without warning. Whilst Nick's mouth moved slowly on my clit, his fingers were moving in and out harshly, his long, slender fingers curling inside me. My fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him ever so close to my heat, a gesture to try and persuade him to go faster. Suddenly Nick's fingers began moving even faster somehow, and soon I was nearing my high. The knot began to grow, nearing my orgasm. But before i could reach climax, Nick removed his mouth, his fingers, slowly sliding out of me. I looked up shocked, to see Nick shoving his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean.  "W-Why'd you stop?" I was trying to regain breath from my almost-orgasm. The headass didn't even reply, instead began pulling his sweatpants down and off, put his shirt over his head and took it off. Then he moved me so I was laying horizontally against the couch, my head now resting against the arm of the couch. Nick moved to the place between my legs, hooking them around his waist, before thrusting into me. He didn't even leave time to adjust, before he began pounding me. "Tell me who makes you feel this way? Huh? Tell daddy who makes you feel so good," his hand came in contact with my thigh, the slap making me even wetter, "Who's the one fucking you, making you cum? Huh? It's not that loser, who is it baby girl? Tell me or I'm gonna stop." "Y-You, daddy, you make me feel so g-good. You're the o-only one who can make me c-cum again and a-again. Fuck!" Nick moved my leg up on to his should, making his cock go deeper into me, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. My moans were filling the air, along with the sound of skin slapping against one another.  It wasn't long before I hit my high. I was moaning, my head being thrown back. Nick's fingers decide to rub my clit, making em orgasm last longer, and my legs to shake. The euphoric feeling felt never ending, Nick's cock, continued to thrust into me mercilessly until he came. I felt his sticky cum leak out, thanking the heavens I'm on the pill. Nick pulls out shortly after, crashing on top of me. His heavy breathing making me smile.  "Bet Zion couldn't do that."  "I don't know, maybe you have to try a little harder next time?"  "You're gonna get it, babygirl."

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