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you groaned as you shifted your body to your side and wrapped your arms on his waist and your head on his chest, for warmth.

this bitch didn't even turned on the heater.

inconsiderate shit.

"stop moving.."

"i need your warmth."

"turn the heater on"

"i'm too tired and lazy."


the coconut head wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, you nuzzled your head on his chest.

»» after a few minutes »»

(you) "i'm hungry, go make me some food, peasant."

"what did you just call me?"

" a P-E-A-S-A-N-T. now shut up and gimme food.

"ya ain't calling me that."

"pFfFtt— hOlY fUcK iM bLeEDinG!

ze coconut head panicked and pulled the blanket— that is almost out of the bed.

jungkook: oh.. that explains.

you: explains what?

jungkook: go to the bathroom. i'll change the covers.

you: no! i want foooooooooooooo— aAahHh!

you shriek as jungkook carried you in a bridal style, the muscle pig thinks of you assa feather. he placed you on the bathtub and filled it with warm water.


issa filler my friends, don't have anything in my empty brain (yeah that's why im dead cuz mah brain's empty.)



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