Merry christmas//A.P

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You were sitting on the large beige couch in yours and Austin's apartment, scrolling through your photos on your laptop. You sat there, admiring the memorable moments you've had with Austin wanting to repeat every single memory over and over again.  The door opened, Austin had been gone for about four hours, and he was exhausted. Lack of sleep, and forced awakenings were never his favorite thing, and that just came to show that very early morning. You checked the time, as he stumbled into the kitchen with grocery bags and a backpack.  9:00 AM. You sigh, shutting your laptop and placing if on the side table.You get up standing and making your way over to your gorgeous boyfriend. He was starting to unravel things from the see-through plastic bags, but you noticed the look of distance in his eyes. He was utterly exhausted.  You pressed your hands to his overly-tensed up back, rubbing gently until he stopped with the unpacking. He spun around in your hold, your hands resting on his chest. The shirt rubbing against his skin was soft, and delicate, and you felt a sense of warmth when you touched it. He looked down at you admiringly.  "I could've gotten them later on, babe." You say gently, wrapping your arms around his neck. It was slightly uncomfortable, the height difference the main factor, but you couldn't care less. His own set of arms wrapped around your waist, almost at the exact same time as you made your move of affection. He looked worried.  "Are you mad?" He asks, voice soft and broken. You placed a hand on his freshly-shaved cheek.    "Of course not, baby. You know I can't get mad at you for something as silly as that. I'm worried though. You didn't sleep much- four or five hours, if I'm not mistaken?" You stroked his cheekbone in a comforting way.  "Mm." He nodded, "But look what I got." He moves out of your hold, and grabs the box decorated with Christmas decor. It was a DIY gingerbread house, "I know you love making your own and decorating them ever since you were little", he gives off a faint smile.  He picks up another box, "Oh, and, I got this too." He brings a box into view, carrying a big golden star, that had hidden, but visible from up close, lights, to put on top of the tree. "Do you like it?" "You're so freaking cute," You giggle, kissing his nose while he scrunches it up in disgust. "No, I'm not. I'm a man." He says, moving across the kitchen, but proving his point to be false, falling over a plastic bag he let get blown to the floor. He stumbled, catching himself on the fridge, which made a roar of disproval in the presence. "Oh, yeah. Manly man you are, Austin Porter " "Be quiet you." He glares playfully, fixing himself and moving out of the devilish room. He decided you could finish the groceries, while he went upstairs to nap. You looked at all the various items splayed out in front of you, and an idea came to mind. You smirked to yourself, eyes beaming with a fire so devious, only satan himself could detect it.  "Austin, baby?" You whisper, shaking his snoring form, "Shawn wake up." I smirked knowing that would have got his attention . "Hmm?" He groans, eyebrows scrunching together. He ceases his stirring, and falls back into his slumber. "Austin!" You exclaim, pounding on his chest lightly. He continues to ignore you, so you smile and descend down his chest. You rub your hands over his rippled chest, before sliding your fingers into his sweats. Pulling them down, you notices his head roll to the side, but you're careful to make sure he doesn't wake up just yet. You climb lower once again, before your head is resting over his bulge. You pull down his underwear, and grab his shaft in your hand. You move up and down at a slow pace, a grumble of approval coming from his sleepy mouth. You poke your tongue out slightly, flicking it over his bead of pre-come. Kissing his head lightly, you then swallow down the entire base, his pubic hair tickling your nose. He gasps awake, shooting upwards and moaning loudly.  You swallow, tears brimming your eyes, as he grabs onto your hair and tugs you up and down roughly. He leans back against the headboard, continuing to moan firmly, his head forcing itself side to side. "Fuck, (Y/N)!" He shouts, teeth clenching as he twitches in your mouth. You yank off of him, smirking and crawling up his body so his sweaty forehead is leaning against yours. A small ding from the kitchen fills the room, and you kiss his nose.  "Cookies are done." You say in a sultry voice, rolling off of him. He whines, slapping your ass as you walk by. "You better run." He demands, already starting to pull on his boxers. You laugh wildly, grabbing onto the doorway and spinning yourself through the hall.  You reach the kitchen, when he grabs your waist and has you leaning into his back. Your feet lift off the ground, but when he starts to set you down, you fall. He laughs at you, grabbing the oven mitten and taking out your goods. "Awe!" He comments, looking at the sugar cookies with decorated Christmas trees and antlers of a reindeer, "How cute." "I didn't make 'em, the store did." You take in a deep breath, smelling the delicious dough. "We'll frost them later. Right now, we've got somewhere to be." "Oh yeah, and where's that?" "Just go get dressed. What time is it?" He asks, following you down the hall to your bedroom. You make the bed quietly, before looking at the clock on the wall. "Half passed twelve." "I slept for that long?" "You were tired, baby." You hug him, arms pressing him close. He hums in agreement, before eagerly pulling out of your grasp. He gets dressed quickly, winking when he caught you watching. "Like something you see?" He asks. You lick your lips, nodding hastily. He chuckles, bending over you to give you a quick peck on the cheek. "Love you." He smiles sweetly, before leaning in to give a deeper kiss. You tug on his bottom lip, pulling your body away with it. He opens his eyes to watch you, before you let it go and he sucks it into his mouth, "You're so freaking hot." "I love you too," You answer, eyebrows raised, "Now, hows about you pick out an outfit for me?" He smirks, walking into the closet.  "I wanna go home." He pouts. "Austin." You roll your eyes, smile dropping. "No, no. I wanna leave." You could tell that in his voice he was joking, so you yanked him along by his hand to continue looking around. "Are you kidding me?" You ask. He looks down at you, face as straight as ever, and you could tell, he was not.  "What are you going to do, Austin?" "You'll see." Grinning like the devil, he grabbed your arm tighter and wandered to the back of the mall, where plugs were keeping the lights on. He pulls the lights plug, and wiggles his eyebrows at you. Your jaw drops in shock, a manager starting to run over. He looked back at him, and looked at you. "Run!" He shouts, grabbing your arm and using his long legs to carry you to the car. You hop on his back, dropping your warm drink, and he screams, getting in the front seat and turning the ignition on after you were sat as well. "Well." You breath, panting slightly even though you had done nothing, "That was wild."  "Baby, what're you up to?" You ask, leaning against the doorway in one of his beloved lingerie suits. He doesn't look up though, he's too focused on his writing. "I'm uh..." he pauses, putting the pen down and reading it over, "writing parts of lyrics for the boys for our new s-song..." He looks up at the last bit of his sentence, his words fumbling and slowing, after he sees what you've dressed yourself in. He swallows thickly, as you sashay towards him, his eyes darkening with lust as the seconds go by.  This is what led you to your current predicament. You swiveled your hips as you went to sit on his lap, crossing your arms behind your back. You were dressed in a beautiful red lace thong, a matching bra, with a feathery top. You had a Santa hat draping over the side of your face, and three black buttons went through the middle of the cups. "Do you like it, baby?" You hum, smiling delightfully. Your voice was in a low rasp, seductive and innocent all at the same time. You sat across his lap, pushing his comfortable desk chair away from the desk, "Got it just for you." "You-" He swallows again, "You did?" "Mhm." You purr, "And guess what, baby?" "Jesus Christ, (Y/N)." He blows out hot air, "Stop messing with me." "Sweetie, I'm not." You pick up his earlobe in between your teeth, "I'm wrecking you." You grab his neck, applying a light pressure, and although it doesn't do much because of the muscle there, you still see him drowning in pleasure. You take his hand, pulling him out of the chair. He stumbles forward, following as you dance down the hallways, smiling towards him. When he enters the bedroom, you push him onto the bed and turn the music on. 'Santa Baby' turns on, and you dance around to the beat, humming along. You open the closet door and grab a belt, swinging it over your neck. You also grab a tie, before making your way to Austin. He discarded his shirt, panting heavily at the small motion of your hips. "You ready, baby?" "For what?" He swallows, as you lean over him. "For an early Christmas gift, of course." You giggle playfully, before running your acrylics along his chest. You wrap the belt around his wrists, bringing them to the headboard and clipping it shut. His eyes, hooded and dazed, travel along your body. You show him the red tie, putting it around his eyes. "Safe word, hun?" It's funny, you'd usually answer that question, as you blinked rapidly into the cotton cloth covering your vision. "Naruto." He replies, gulping. "Good boy." You praise, slipping your hands into the waistband of his jeans. He jolts up at the cold of your skin. You 'tsk' slightly, shaking your head, "Nuh-uh. Don't move." "Sorry." "Sorry what?" You growl, digging your nails into his skin. "Sorry, ma'am." He whimpers. You chuckle happily. You pull his jeans down, pulling them away and letting them fall to the floor. You palm his bulge, letting him accidentally slip up and buck his hips. "Good boy," You whisper, pulling the grey boxers to his feet, so he can't spread them. You grab his cock, licking the underside of it, swirling your tongue around the head. He groans loudly, refraining from bucking again. You mimic your actions from earlier, swallowing his entire shaft down your throat, gagging slightly. You moan around him, pressing his hips into the bed. "Fuck, (Y/N)! Shit, shit, shit." He mumbles a string of curses, as you start to bob your head up and down. Twisting the bottom and tugging up with your hand, you continue to taste his delicious arousal. "All for me, baby?" You ask, popping off him. "All for you, baby, all of yours." You hum in approval, kissing him hard and rough. "Fuck I love you so much, Oh my God." He groans, as you kiss his tip again. You start to move up, but once he feels you pull up further than his waist, and move over his chest, he heaves, "You're serious?" "I wanna ride your face." You say softly, letting your fingers run across his cheekbone that was protruding from his face, "You look so fucking hot underneath me like this baby, completely destroyed. Are you gonna let me ride your beautiful little face, babe?" "Fuck yes." He moans out, tugging on his wrists, "Untie me." "That's no way to ask for something." You frown, "I think that deserves a small punishment." You pull the blindfold off, and stand up. You turn your back to him, letting him watch you pull down your lacy panties. You shove them in his mouth, before kneeling above his head again, your dripping pussy almost spilling onto his face as it leaks from you desperately. He grumbles against your soaked underwear, as you press your fingers into your soft flesh. Gasping for effect, you let your middle finger dip into your opening. You let your back arch, as your thumb tickles over your sensitive clit. "Austin, fuck!" You groan out, looking into his lust filled eyes. You groan, throwing your head back and letting his nose tickle your clit gently, "I'm so wet for you, Austin. Oh, God." "(Y/N)." He says, panties muffling his voice. You take them out, you had wasted enough time, and you needed this. Before he had a chance to talk, you had your pussy in his mouth, his flat tongue licking a straight stripe up your slit. You lurch forward, and grab onto the headboard, rocking your hips against his face. He shoved his tongue into your hole, exploring your insides. The tip of his tongue tickles, as it leaves a searing warmth traveling throughout your body.  You shout, "Fuck, Austin!" Grabbing his long blond hair, you pull his head up into yourself even more. By now, the music was long gone and the only thing you could hear, was the sounds of his breathy moans, and your screams of pleasure. He threw his head into the pillow, heaving for air, before bending forward and flicking his tongue against your clit. "Baby, untie me and I can give you the best orgasm in your entire world." He coaxes, "Come on, sweetheart, untie me." "No." You fight, pulling off him. You give his cheek a reminding tap, "I'm in charge. Not you. Do you understand me?" "Yes, ma'am." He moans, cheeks flushing a bright red, "Sorry." "What was that?" "Sorry!" He shouts, breaking from all the teasing you'd dealt him. You shake your head, tapping his chest. "That was naughty." You sigh, "I'll be back." You wandered out of the room, and he kept his mouth shut. You reached the kitchen, grabbing a bowl of ice and waiting silently, listening to him start to groan out your name. "Baby!" He calls, "Come on, I'm sorry. Please, come on, I wanna fuck you so hard, please come back." Smirking to yourself, you nodded in assurance, leisurely making your way back to the bedroom. You grabbed his tie and set it back on his face, before moving over him again. You placed the bowl of ice on the bedside table, grabbing a little cube and pushing it between his lips. He jumps at the feel of it's freezing temperature. You take another one, and run it down his chest, drawing figures into his skin. Slowly the cube melted and you grabbed yet again, one more. This time, you wasted no time in pressing it to his pelvis, sliding it down to the base of his throbbing red cock. He gasps, shooting upwards. You bring it up his shaft, swirling it along the veins there, his mouth staying agape. You let this one melt, and grabbed the final cube. You pressed it to his burning tip, eliciting a silent scream from his voice. You let the water trickle down, and before long, he was shouting loudly. "Fuck! Fuck, (Y/N)! Please, fuck me baby! Fuck me, please." You comply, leaning over his hard cock and pushing down. He stretches you, filling you completely, all the while you lean down and press a harsh kiss to his lips. Occupied by satisfying you, he doesn't notice the way your hands move to unlock his. But once he does, he's twisting you around, and pushing you into the mattress, while he fucks you raw. He cups your tits, fondling one at a time, while he sucks on the other. Hickies are sprinkled along your collar bone as he continues to pound you. "Fuck, Austin, I'm gonna cum!" You scream, fisting his hair. He spits on two of his fingers, dipping it down to rub at your clit. "Cum for me, princess. Let everyone know who you belong to." "Fuck Austin! I'm cumming!" You moan out, before he thrusts harder and faster, hitting your g-spot each time, "Fuck, Austin!" You scream, your orgasm crashing over you like a tsunami. You throw your head back, scratching your nails down his back, hard enough to draw blood. He shouts, grabbing your hair and yanking you back. You arch upwards, as he cums, shooting his load onto you. Screaming, you cum once again, your juices going all over him, "Fuck, fuck, fuck." You string out curses, as he rides out your orgasms. He stays inside you for a second or two, before pulling out and rolling over.  "That was so hot." He groans, rolling to his side to hug you. "Indeed." You agree, humming as you try and catch your breath. You pull the blankets over your bodies, twisting your way to face him. He kisses you softly, then your forehead, cheeks, and nose. You giggle each time, curling into his naked form. "Merry Christmas, Austin Porter." He chuckles, knowing full well Christmas isn't until at least three weeks, "I love you." "I love you more, princess." He whispers, tugging you closer.

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