Part 32 - Out

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I looked at Natashya. Speechless. She never mad at me for real after we're together.

"If you don't tell me what's wrong with you, I won't know how to comfort you"

She let out the deep sighed.
"I thought we can have a date after back from the vacation before I started to get busy again" I looked at her straight.

"Let's go home" I stood up. Natashya held my hand. "I'm sorry"

"I don't want to go out with you when you act like this to me. We better back home now and you can rest there"

"Bebe, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it" Natashya stood up infront me while holding my hands.

"I didn't wanna talk about this" I looked away from her. She held my cheeks so I can face her.

I ran my eyes away from her.
"Look at me" She whined.
"Now what?" I rolled my eyes but then I looked at her. I knew she felt guilty about it.

"Can we just go home? I have to think again that you just mad at me when I forced you to....."

She stopped me by kissing on my lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stood on her toes.

"Forgive me,bebe" she mumbled on my lips. Less than 5 seconds I smiled and kissed her lips too. I needed it when this happened.

She pulled away from my lips.
"Answer me"
I chuckled and nodded my head quickly.

She grinned and hugged me tighter.
"Don't mad at me again, okay?" I looked down to her.
She nodded slowly. "Let's sit again"

Natashya pulled me to sit down again and I did. She looked around. I saw her eyes.

I just looked at her and she didn't realise it.

"What are you looking at?"
"Me? Hmm? Nothing" she stuttered.
"I saw your eyes, honey lips" I raised my right eyebrow.

"It's just nothing okay" she leaned her head on my shoulder. I sighed. She's hiding something and I knew it. I can read her mind.

"I'm a little bit emotional. Something just happened" Natashya held my hand.
"Tell me about it" I kissed her hand. She shook her head.

I didn't want to force him when she didn't want to tell me about it.
"You can tell me anytime you want when you're ready" I kissed her head.

We stayed there for a while and talked about ourselves just mostly I'm the one who's talking, Natashya just smiled and kept her mouth shut.

We had the few kisses but Natashya seems didn't into it. I can feel it.

"Bebe,let's go home" she looked up to me.
"Why?" I asked.
"I guess some people took our pictures" she sighed and stood up. Natashya took my jacket and cleaned it from the dust.

"Before this you never care" I stood infront her.
"Now I care" she walked away without waiting for me.
"Honey..." I groaned and followed her.

Natashya quickly walked to my car and got into the car.
I looked around and yeah some people took our pictures. I shook my head and got into the car.

I drove away from the beach. Since then, Natashya just be silent in the car.

We arrived at the house and she straight over get in the house.
Once she's fine and the other times she's not.

"What's wrong with your girlfriend?" Ashton looked at me while holding a cup of coffee.

"I don't know either she's on her period or she's really mad when people took our pictures" I sighed.

"People took the pictures? Dude, of course she's mad. You never officially say she's your girlfriend and she's gonna get a lot of hates after this" Ashton hit my chest.

He's right. I never think about it. I only think about myself and not what happened to her next.

I climbed the stairs and went to her room.
"Hey, can you pick me up?" I heard her voice talked to someone on the phone.

"Yeah right now. I'm waiting for you"

I walked to her when she's in the closet. "Where are you going?" I stood behind her.

"I'm going out with my friend" Natashya took off her tops and wore another crop top.

"Who? You just out with me and you are the one asked me to back home. Now you wanna out again? " I crossed my arms.

"Calum, please... just for a while" Natashya got a change her skinny jeans to short skirt.

I didn't say a word. She walked pass me and went to the mirror. She fixed her hair and did the touch up for her make up.

I hugged her and put my face at the crook of her neck. Natashya tilted her head.

"Don't should tell me what happened" I kissed her neck.
"Bebe, I can't. It's hard for me okay" she sighed and elbowed me but I didn't move at all.

"Spend time with me" I sneaked in my hand into her crop top.
"Not now..." Natashya groaned.

I ignored her words and turned her to face me. I gave the kiss on her lips. I grabbed her neck.

"" she mumbled on my lips and tried to push me.
I slightly pushed her onto the bed and I'm hovering her.

I pinned her hands above her head and kissed her lips. I think I just ruined her lipstick. Natashya pulled away from my lips and ran away from me. I kissed her neck and gave her a bit. She hummed.

"Stay with me" I mumbled. She shook her head with a sad face.

"I have to go out. Just for a while" she sighed. Then, her phone rang. I reached it on the side bed. Then, my heart just stopped beating.

"Why Pete?" I stared at her.
"He's my friend"
"Not only friend but your ex boyfriend" I looked at her disbelief. I felt betrayal.

"I have to get ready" she pushed me away and went to fix her hair and makeup again.

I sat there quietly. I didn't believe Natashya went out with her ex again.

"I told you to not out with him again,right?" I asked quietly.
"Just for today" she grabbed her handbag and took her phone from my hand.

Then, she's out without say anything to me.

Its really bad.

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