There was a strange silence that passed the group, when a looming understanding hit Jisoo.

"Either way, we're going to die in here. Either die of starvation—eventually—or go outside and be killed."

"What did we even do to deserve this treatment?" Taehyung mumbled, sitting down next to Jennie.

Irene sat next to him, sighing. "I feel bad for the people who decided to go use the bathroom just like Chaeyoung."

"Did anyone?" Seulgi asked.

"Yeah, I got a snap right before our service got cut off from Jongin. It was a mirror selfie." She frowned.

"I want a mirror selfie."

"Irene, that's the least of our worries right now." Namjoon grumbled, sighing afterward. "So, that means there are people outside in the halls?"


"Well we have to find them!" Jennie voiced. "We're probably the only ones that know what's happening right now."

"Jinhee's walkie-talkie," Jin snapped his fingers. "Other teachers also carry them. We just get hers and tell the other teachers that this isn't a drill and they have to stay inside."

"What about food?" Hoseok pointed out. "That's a good temporary situation, but we need to find a way to give people food do they don't die of starvation, or..."

"Cannibalism." He muttered the last part to himself.

"The cafeteria." Jennie suggested. "We could head to the cafeteria, small groups of course. Us walking in such a large group will surely get us caught."

"So, who wants to snatch the walkie-talkie?"

"I'll go." Jin offered. "It was my idea, but someone should just come with...just for the whole buddy system."

Everyone was scared. Jisoo could feel it, and she was too. How could they not be?

There was a cynical serial killer out in the halls, threatening to kill them either way. One of their friends was currently in a lot of danger—and she probably wasn't even aware.

Their teacher was just killed, and apparently that murder had been part of the plan!

"I'll come." Jisoo locked eyes with Jin, who nodded. She turned to Jennie.

"Lock the door after we leave. You'll hear us knock five times. Then only open the door. Okay?"

Jennie, similarly like Jisoo, chose to react with rationality, rather than freaking out like Jungkook, who was a restless mess in the corner of the room.

Jisoo checked the halls, peeking her head out carefully. Coast being clear, she stepped out, following with Jin.

"Jinhee only died because she left the room." She whispered to him. "Because the office called her down. What if it really wasn't the office, but someone pretending to be them?"

He widened his eyes. "Then that means a lot of the other teachers could be dead too."

"But it's unlikely that this person could've killed all of them. One person against thirty teachers? It's improbable."

Coming across the dead body, Jin swiftly picked up the walkie-talkie laying near the floor. He shuddered, turning away.

"Never thought I would see her like that."

"I know." She sighed. "It's awful."

The two quickened their pace, turning around the bend to the classroom door. Jin knocked on the door five times.

The door opened instantly, and they stumbled inside, shutting it after them. Jennie heaved an exhale in relief.

"I was so worried, even though it was only a few minutes."

"All easy in a day's work. We had me so nothing could've gone wrong." Jin teased, winking at Jisoo.

The brunette rolled her eyes back at him, resting her head on Jennie's shoulder.

Lisa snatched the device from Jin, holding it close to her lips.

After pressing a button, she cleared her throat.

"Hello? Can anyone hear me?"

There was no response; except for static.

She sighed, trying again.

"Um, hello? This is Lisa Manoban from Jinhee's class. This is not a drill, everyone must be in lockdown—"

She stopped talking, eyes wide.

"Did you guys hear that?" She whispered. Jisoo sat up straighter.


"Quiet. Just listen." She sat the walkie-talkie down, pointing to the door.

The blonde was right—there had been a sound.

Several blood-curdling screams to be exact.

"Chaeyoung!" Jungkook screamed. "It has to be Chaeyoung!"

He lunged for the door, but Jimin tackled him down.

"Get off of me!" He shrieked. "She's out there, I know it's her!"

"You think we can do anything about her now?" Lisa snapped. "She's practically dead!"

"Let me go! I need to save her!"

"So what? Then you want to get us all killed?"

"She's my girlfriend!"

"I value my life more than you caring about your stupid girlfriend." Lisa fumed, crossing her arms.

"And frankly, I could care less if she's dead right now. She deserves it."

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