Chapter Seven

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Lillian POV:
A month later.
I'm home, finally.
I am going to therapy, it's helping...I guess.
I also can walk..a miracle.
I'm getting ready to go to a wedding.
It's held in Paris, France.
I've never been to Paris, but here's my chance.
I quickly finish my makeup. It's a natural look.
I'm wearing a black mermaid dress.

It fits me perfectly

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It fits me perfectly.
But I'm still imperfect.
I walk with my family to the our car.
The chauffeur opens the door for us and drives us.
I don't know whose wedding we are going to, mother and father don't want to tell me.
A few moments later, we arrive.
We're late, and I don't want to cause a seen.
Mother insist that we must go in.
All of us nod.
The guards open the door, we smile and greet them.
Once the doors are fully opened, everyone looks our direction.
Luckily I'm hiding behind dad like a little girl.
We take a seat. I look up as I'm seated.
My eyes meet with the grooms'.
I furrow my eyebrows.
Daniel? It's my Daniel.
Not my Daniel, but her Daniel.
I bite my lip nervously.
I feel the walls starting to close up on me.
Memories fly through my head.
Of course he's moved on, I was suppose to be dead.
I look down at my lap as I fidget with my fingers.
What else I'm I suppose to do.
Run up to him, and hug him tightly.
I can't do that.
He is hers, and never was mine.

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