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Dr Lunetta paused, locking eyes with Cadell. Was she looking for a response? At last, she spoke unsteadily. "The voice doesn't exist."

Cadell frowned. "What do you mean?" He knew what the words meant, but she must have misspoken.

"There is no voice inside your head. It's a delusion. This will be hard to understand but—"

"No. I can hear it. It's chanting in my head now as we speak. The hallucinations might not be real but the voice isn't. Someone is in my brain."

"How can that be possible?"

"I don't know," Cadell said. "But it's real. It's telling me to kill others. Everywhere I go the voice wants me to... You guys never believed in the voice then, did you? Well, I don't blame you. It's kind of absurd so I won't try to convince you. It is what it is."

Dr Lunetta remained silent for a while, seemingly deep in thought. Cadell's blue hallucinations dissolved away.

The psychiatrist grabbed a notebook from the arm of her chair and wrote something down. "Please may I ask a personal question regarding your parents?"


"Out of the following, what do you think was the root cause of your parent's death? The voice or the seizure.

"The seizure. At first, I thought the voice was causing the seizure but now I'm certain they work independently from each other. The voice wants the seizure to happen though."

"I see," Dr Lunetta said. "Let me give you a hypothetical situation. You believe the voice is forcing you to kill people. After accidentally killing many innocent lives, someone implants the notion that the voice could possibly not exist at all. How would you feel?"

Cadell scratched the cast on his arm. "I would feel terrified. Responsible and guilty. Less of a victim and more of a monster."

"Is that how you feel for your parents?" Dr Lunetta asked.

"Yes, but there is no need to worry. I will never end my life. I must endure this hell and my mother's last words must be fulfilled."

* * *

Dear Dr Shin,

I hope you're in good health and your school lessons are going well. The therapy session was an overall success and more fascinating than we could have predicted.

Even among the crazed, I have never seen anything like Mr Walker's schizophrenia. As we discussed earlier, the self-awareness of his illness is bizarrely high. He knows the hallucinations aren't real. He's fully aware of his insanity. He even understands the seizure is the sole cause of his parent's death despite the irrational belief of a voice inside his head. This contrasts with our two previous patients who were both almost fully unaware of their mental dysfunctions when medicated.

Mr Walker has been taking a higher dose of medication this week but as expected there has been no positive effects other than the suppression of the violent seizures. His body unusually shows little to no side effects. 

He refused to discuss his activities during his two-week recovery. CCTV footage shows him writing in the nightmare journal and conducting unusual hand motions in the air. I'm sure you will be able to discuss these abnormalities alongside his superpowers.

He is moderately socially responsive but is somewhat distant in our conversations. He did not ask any questions regarding the last crazed patients.

Thankfully, he has no suicidal thoughts and I was overjoyed to hear a heartfelt desire, a final legacy passed down from his mother. He wants to prove himself as something other than the monster the media brands him as.

This almost brought me to tears. An interesting motivation for a vigilante, don't you think?

We will continue the therapy sessions and I will leave the rest to you. Everyone here is highly confident in your abilities, but as requested by your father, I must warn you that Mr Walker is your responsibility outside of the Dome. He may be stable when medicated but you must implement sufficient protection systems to ensure the safety of himself and others around him.

I beg you. Please do not go overboard with your gadgets.

Kind regards,

Dr Lunetta

P.S. He knows you're a doctor!

 Thanks for reading! You're awesome.

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