Chapter 34

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- Caspar's POV -

I sat on my bed, waiting for Joe to come home. The doctors wouldn't let me wait in the room for him. I nervously bit my tongue wondering what was going on. I stared at my phone, waiting for a message or a call from Joe. Anything.

The phone rang suddenly and I jumped up, "Hello?" I asked anxiously awaiting Joe's voice.

"Caspar? Is Joe feeling better?" Zoe's voice asked. I was honestly a bit disappointed it wasn't Joe. But I was also glad she called so I could tell her. She was his sister and I hadn't even informed her.

"I was just about to call you," I lied, "I have some... Shocking news."

"Caspar? You're scaring me."

"Joe forgot." I said, as monotone as possible. Trying to sound strong.

"Forgot? Forgot what?"

"Everything. He forgot everything we did together. He forgot all the months we've been living together." I said. My voice cracked in the middle. So much for not showing emotion.

"Oh my God. Caspar? Are you alright?" I could hear the earnest concern in her voice. I felt even worse about forgetting to tell her.

I ignored her 'Are you alright?' We both knew the answer, "The doctor said he still has the memories they just need to be unlocked somehow. And that if they don't get unlocked he'll end up losing the memories because his mind will replace them with new memories." I didn't even bother to hide my weak tone anymore.

Zoe's voice was optimistic, "There's still hope! We just have to try everything to trigger his memory back. I know we can do it."

Zoe sounded confident, but I knew better than to get my hopes up. Every time I did, it seemed to backfire in my face.

"They're still running tests at the hospital. I'm waiting for Joe to come home." I filled Zoe in.

"You should start going through vlogs from the months he's forgotten. You can show them to him when he gets home. We need to do everything as fast as possible. I don't want a single memory to be forgotten."

I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. Instead of just sitting here I could have actually been making use of my time.

"Thanks Zoe. I'll start now. I'll call or text you later."

"Good luck, Caspar."

"I'm going to need it."

I logged into my laptop and opened dozens of tabs with my vlogs, Joe's, Zoe's, Alfie's, Marcus's, and anyone else that I thought might have a vlog with Joe in it. I watched them one by one.

I thought back to all the times I had with Joe. All the inside jokes. All the progress. All the love. Would they all have been for nothing? I blinked back tears, I needed to focus only on picking out videos to show Joe.

My phone sent a notification sound. I tore my eyes off the computer screen to glance down at my phone.

TYLER: Caspar. Zoe told me what happened. I'm so sorry for getting so mad, I hope everything goes well.

CASPAR: Wow, Tyler? Apologizing? That's a first(: and thanks. Me 2

TYLER: And also the last time you bitch

CASPAR: love u 2

I set my phone back down and went back to scrolling through vlogs.


My eyes were heavily begging to be closed. I had carefully picked out each vlog I wanted to show Joe, I edited them together in order. I yawned, the sky had already even covered with a dark blanket. Where was Joe?

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