Let's Train Together Class 1-B!

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- Kaminari's pov -

I woke up feeling dizzy, I looked around and I noticed that I feel asleep while watching some videos..at least that's what I remember but I can't really remember much. I grabbed my phone to see what time it is and it was 5:46 AM. I was glad that I didn't sleep too much or else I would have been too late. I stood up walking towards the bathroom and I noticed that I looked pretty tired, I don't usually look that tired. I wondered why I fell asleep like that yesterday, sure yesterday was a pretty stressful and hard day but it's just like any other days I have.

I Shook my head gently and ignored it.

It took me about 30 minutes to get ready, I grabbed my stuff and I was about to leave but before I left I told my mom goodbye and then left. My father wasn't there so I wasn't able to say goodbye to him.

-Monoma's Pov-

"What the hell do you want?" I was just about to go to school when all of a sudden I ended up with those 3 people, the first one looked really weird, he had sort of light blue hair and the other one had Black hair and was covered up in scars, it made me feel pretty uncomfortable to see all those scars right there, the next one was the only girl in the group she was kind of short and had blonde hair she was also wearing a school uniform which made me assume that she is a Highschool student, I mean she looked young maybe she has the same age as me.

"I need your help" said the creepy looking guy with light blue hair

I sighed in discomfort and began to walk past them I didn't want to talk to them, they looked like delinquents or something like that, I knew they would bring trouble so it's better to ignore them. As I Began to leave the boy with scars forcefully grabbed my arm not letting me leave. I then got pushed back against a wall by the guy and I groaned as he then backed off. what the hell is even happening I didn't do anything to piss them off now did I? I didn't even talk to them why did they have to be so harsh on me geez I only wanted to go to school "can you let me go?? Im not here to fight." Soon my face got grabbed by the young high school girl and she smirked, that smirk didn't look Innocent at all it looked pretty evil. "You smell good...but you should stop struggling or else I will have to kill you! And you don't want that to happen right?" She then took a knife out. I didn't know how to react to all of this, those people definitely where not just delinquents..no..those where villains. Disguised as civilians to not get caught.  Why did I have to get into this sort of trouble out of all people?.

"Listen we are not here to hurt you...you see you really are important for our mission that's why we need you as healthy as possible. Your quirk will be the key to our mission so please team up with us... we will only use you for one day and then you can keep on going with your life just as always." The creepy guy said.

I was furious, im not going to let myself getting used and definitely not by some villains. "Listen I won't let you use me no matter what you say or do im not a fucking toy that you can use and then throw away as if nothing happened...understood? So fuck off" I said with anger.

"Guess we don't have a choice" he sighed and shrugged and then turned his head to the black haired boy.

The black haired boy came closer to me and every time he came closer to me I started to panic.  What was gonna happen to me now? 

He then was right before my eyes and I could feel my heart drop if I only I knew what their quirk where then I could have left this place before. The black haired boy then grabbed my arm and something...just unexpected happened...

"Wait what are you..NO STOP IT!" I screamed trying to get someone's attention so that they could come here to save me.

But I knew I was alone...

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