thirty one

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i was getting ready with natalie in her room after we spent a couple of hours in the mall, looking for a cute outfit. when we got to their house, david wasn't here so he could pick up jonah's family. i could hear everyone in the living room, waiting for david so we could go to the streamys in the limo he rented. i finished my make up and went to put my high heels. "so, how do i look?" i turned to natalie. i was wearing black palazzo pants with a black crop top.

"really hot" she smiled. "we made a great job" she high fived me.

i laughed. "i think we should go now" i pointed to the door and we left her room after we got our stuff. "hi baby!" i gave zane a side hug.

"oh my god look at you!" he smiled, staring up and down at my outfit.

"and you didn't have anything to wear" todd joked and i rolled my eyes, smiling.

"natalie made a miracle" i pointed to the girl by my side.

"i gotta say, david is a lucky guy" zane said. after a few minutes of talking, david finally arrived. he was with a new haircut, wearing all black as always. today we are matching.

"okay guys, the limo is outside so let's go" he said and everyone started to make their way out. david saw me and i made my way towards him.

"i loved the new haircut babe" i gave him a quick peck and he gave me a small smile.

"c'mon, let's go win this shit" he grabbed my hand and his camera before we left the house. we entered the limo and the driver started his way to the streamys. david begin to record.

then, everyone was cheering at heath dirty dancing on the pole in the middle of the car. zane laughed and took off his blazer and grabbed my hand to dance with me while everybody was dancing too, while david filmed everything. todd, scotty, heath, zane, and jonah were now shirtless, dancing together and i was laughing my ass off. "that's my fucking dad!" vardan screamed at david's camera while jonah's dad chugged a bottle of vodka.

when we got there, jason started to make a speech. "we fucking need this win, guys" he yelled. "let me tell you something: we're going in there and we are not walking losers, you understand?" everyone started to scream. "now what are we gonna do tonight? we're gonna win fucking best cast!"

we exited the car after cheering and i followed natalie, while all of them went to the carpet to take some pictures. the security let us in and we went to our table. after a couple of minutes, liza arrived and she came to say hi to us. "you came!" she smiled at me. "it's good to see you" liza hugged me.

"it's good to see you too" i nodded and she went back to her table.

"oh my god, i never asked about how it went at her house" natalie turned to me.

"well, i made a joke, mentioning the break up video and she didn't like it, so it was really awkward" natalie laughed. "she said that she knows david very well and bla bla, so i responded 'yeah, i guess i will suck on that', i think she got mad at me, i don't know" i shrugged.

"really embarrassing" she shook her head. "why would you say something like that?"

"i don't know, i was nervous, it's not every day that you meet your crush's ex, currently best friend" i chuckled. natalie was going to say something when we got interrupted by everyone arriving at the table.

the show went by quickly. david won first person category, and the squad also won for ensemble cast. after everyone finished all of the interviews, we went back to the limo to go home.

me, david and natalie entered david's house and waited for joe to arrive. i put my other clothes on and took off my make up, before joining david, natalie, and joe at the living room. i sat down by david's side. "do you need anything?" i asked him. david was clearly stressed because he had to finish editing the video and it was very late.

"no" he continued to edit.

"are you sure?" i insisted. i mean, i can do something to help relieve some of the stress. not in a sexual way.

"yeah, ophelia, it's late, you can go home" david said in an annoyed tone.

i frowned my brow. "why? are you mad at me?"

he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "i'm now" he looked at me. "really, you can go, i don't need anything from you right now" oh, excuse me?

"we know that you're stressed but you can't talk to ophe like that" joe tried to defend me, using the nickname he invented, receiving an ugly look from david.

i shook my head and smiled softly to joe. "it's okay, joe" i got up to go grab my stuff. "don't even try to call me tomorrow morning to say that you're sorry"

i exited his house, slamming the door behind me, not caring about the glass. i hopped in my car and started to drive back to my place.

i was really mad. who does he think he is to treat me like a toy? i don't need anything from you right now? like, hey i only want you here when i wanna fuck you? that's pathetic! he can't treat me like shit when he's stressed, i was only trying to help and this is what i get? men suck!

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