Peter Pan

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Liam's POV:

"I swear if Clancy has so much as laid a finger on her I will kill him," I said, a sudden rage growing inside me. "Calm yersel Li, I'm sure she's fine," Chubs replied. Yeah that's so reassuring. I thought. "How can I calm down when Alex is somewhere most likely with Clancy, he could be hurting her right now for all we know," I said, the rage growing even stronger. 

Alex's POV:

"So, tell me about your friends, the ones who saved you after dad shot you," Lily said, after a few moments of silence. "Well, Chubs is a green, the smartest one I've ever meet but he's also sarcastic and as much as he hates to admit it he also cares a lot about his friends. Zu is a yellow but she's also 7 so we try to not make her use her powers that much and just let her have time to be kid, ya know the time we never got and Liam is a blue, he's kind, caring, the most selfless person I've ever meet but he's also brave and he would do anything to protect his friends, I mean he got shot trying to protect me from dad," she explained to her little sister.  "Sounds like their really good friends," Lily replied. "Yeah but their more like family to me than they are friends," Alex said. "Liam sounds like he's a little bit more than friends or family," she said. How am I supposed to answer this when I don't even know what we are? She thought to herself. "Um, I guess we kinda are, I'm not really sure what we are to be honest with you," She explained. It really is the truth I really don't know what we are, maybe that's something I, we, should figure out when, if, I see him again. I thought to myself. Well I ever see him again. "Well I'm sure you can figure that out next time you see each other," Lily said. "Yeah, if we see each other again," She replied. I mean for all I know he could be dead. Alex thought. "You'll see each other again, all you need is faith, trust and little bit of pixie dust," Lily replied. "Peter Pan. The only movie you wouldn't fall asleep during. When you were sick I'd put it on and Ollie would make popcorn and ice cream and we'd gather in the living and watch it. I wish I could take it all back. I shouldn't have left you guys in the camp, I should've stayed, I could've protected you, both of you," I said, regretting every decision I've ever made. "Alex, you did what you had to do to protect us, you're the eldest, its your job to protect us, you did what you thought was right and I promise you, Oliver and I understand that, or once you explain yourself to him Oliver will, you know next time we see him," Lily explained. "But what I thought was right wasn't enough. You still ended up with the people I tried to protect you from and Ollie is out there on his own, he could be dead for all we know. To me that is not protecting you," Alex said, meaning every word of it. She had failed at protecting them and that is something she will never forgive herself for. 

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