1- Backstory

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{Jeremy pov}

I have a sister. The only high ranking she-wolf left in our pack. The only problem is, she doesn't know she has brothers. Yes plural. My father and mother had three sons, and a daughter. I am the oldest, Jeremy, then my younger brother Matt, my other brother Ryder, and my baby sister Maria.

One day, eighteen years ago and about a month after my sister was born, our pack was attacked while my dad was away on pack business. My mom never got the chance to tell him she was pregnant in the eight months he was away. The women mated to high ranking or important wolves were brutally murdered. I was six at the time and suddenly my mom, the Luna, told me to take Maria and my brothers and hide in the pantry. Mom had just walked out of the pantry when a sandy coloured wolf ripped her throat out. I pushed my siblings farther into the dark.

When I saw the Third, Tom, I ran out holding Maria. I started crying. He saw my predicament and took the baby and led us to a safe, clean room. Nobody knew of Maria being the Alpha and Luna's baby girl. The third adopted her and my father came home thinking that the only female he lost that day was his beloved mate and Luna.

We kept her true father a secret to protect her. We didn't need the last true Alpha blood female of our pack to die.

We protected her throughout her elementary and high school life. Our parents planned it out so there was two years between each child. When Ryder graduated, I began teaching at the high school. Girls fawned over their future Alpha teaching them. Maria was never starstruck around her secret brothers. She thinks we're all idiots.

We all share the same, reddish hair that our mother had. Maria and Matt have bright green eyes while Ryder and I have blue eyes. Maria is the shortest being only 5'7" while the boys and I are all over six feet.

"Hey Jeremy!" Maria yelled from down the hallway. I turned to meet her bright smile. "I'm having a little trouble in geography, do you think you or the boys could help me?"

"I'm free over lunch. I could drive you over to A&W for a burger while we study." To other people this may seem shady but everyone knows that we are practically related. They just don't know that we are actually related.

"Yeah sure! That sounds great!" Maria was never one to turn down free food. It's a wonder she stays skinny.

She patted my shoulder then skipped down the hall to English. That girl makes the most of everything.


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