(30) A Bond Between Dragon and Rider

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            Tesulan forced a smile. Far in the horizon, he could see the stretch of barren wasteland called the Deathlands. For there was no other name for it, besides hell. Everything banished from this realm took place in this rotten, decaying land. Souls, the undead, abominations, beasts, fugitives, etc. And he would be surprised if the four men from Velgar’s court where anything but alve. He wouldn’t dream what living there would like. It would probably be like death.

  Bledgar growled, alerting Tesulan out of his thoughts. Tesulan scratched Bledgar behind the ears, “What is, Bledgar?”

 Bledgar hissed, sounding like an angry kitten who got it’s litter box thrown out the window and beat by a baboon (strange, but not impossible). Tesulan frowned, he had never seen Bledgar act this strangely, except for the time he was forced to eat tofu (dragons don’t like vegetarian food).

  He tried having a conversation with Bledgar telepathically but Bledgar drove him out of anger. Tesulan gasped, something was bothering Bledgar, to drive him this furious.

  Tesulan gripped harder on the leather reins attached to Bledgar’s jaw, and tugged harder. Bledgar’s jaw snapped shut tight, Bledgar growled irritated. The noise rumbled deep in his throat and vibrated his body. Even from his leather saddle, Tesulan could feel the vibrations making his head dizzy, which meant only one thing. He was preparing to either let out a monstrous roar, or to blast a wave of burning fire in the sky.

  “Bledgar, halt!” He commanded, but his voice was drowned by the howling wind and deaf to the dragon’s small ears.

  Bledgar flapped his enormous wings, a large torrent of wind slammed into Tesulan. What was he thinking! Is he trying to kill me!

 Tesulan gritted his teeth and clung to the dragon’s long and thick white horns in a desperate attempt to hang on for dear life.

 “Bledgar! Calm down! Tell me what’s wrong,” Tesulan’s voice yelled louder, but the dragon tried shaking Tesulan off like a mosquito was attached to his skin.

   He had to focus his concentration into getting through the iron wall around Bledgar’s mind and calm him down. If not, he would eventually plummet to his death, and fall three thousand feet into the murky monster-infested sea surrounding the island of death.

   Bledgar snarled, his fangs glistened and the sharp point seemed even more vivid to Tesulan. It was like riding a bull, except make that a large flying bull who’s really furious. Tesulan had to curl his legs to avoid having them snapped in half.

   What’s happening to you Bledgar! He propelled his thoughts forward, but it was denied by some irritating anger that seemed to be bothering Bledgar. One simple word and Bledgar would his master to the death, that was just how loyal and obedient he was. But this had never happened before, so what was making him so angry.

 It must be some frustrating itch or something, but to make him this mad and wild? He doubted it, if that were the case he would’ve asked him to scratch it.

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