Elizabeth's body was heating up – not only because she was sandwiched between two men, but because she was livid

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Elizabeth's body was heating up – not only because she was sandwiched between two men, but because she was livid. With every bump in the road she found herself gritting her teeth while she rocked back and forth between them, brushing up against their sweat slicked arms. Up until this moment, Elizabeth hadn't realized how much she appreciated her personal space.

McKinley, Reuben's new buddy, brushed his girlfriend's hair out of her face as she slept. His long, tattooed fingers fanning over her forehead as she leaned on him. Elizabeth would have thought the gesture was sweet if she didn't have her guard up so high.

It could all be a facade, she reminded herself.

That thought alone made her blood begin to boil all over again. She settled her glare back onto Reuben's face. How could he be so irresponsible to put them in danger like this? Had he never seen a horror movie before?

Elizabeth's thoughts swirled around until she reminded herself that she was no less of a stranger when Reuben agreed to taking her around the country. It was clear the waiter-turned-travel-companion was too nice for his own good – too blinded by the desire to see the best in people.

Or maybe he's just stupid, Elizabeth concluded.

"You think we'll hit civilization soon?" McKinley's smooth voice rose over the noises of the Crapmobile.

"I think so," Reuben replied. "I can't imagine it will be too much longer." There was a slight pause before he continued. "How's Eden doing?"

McKinley inspected the doll-like woman beside him. Her round cheeks were flushed from the heat, her short, raven hair sticking to the layer of moisture building up on her brow. Her lips were parted and plump as she slept. Even Elizabeth had to admit she was unconventionally beautiful.

"I think she's okay," McKinley said. "Just exhausted."

Reuben's brow furrowed in thought. "Where are you guys from again? New York?"


"And you're trekking it all the way to Venice Beach on foot?" Reuben's thick brows shot up towards his hairline. "That's ambitious."

McKinley smiled, a perfect row of teeth peeking through his thin lips. "It's been quite the adventure. Eden's been wanting to backpack around the States for a while now."

"Sounds like fun."

"It has been," McKinley agreed. "Besides this little hiccup, obviously."

"Well, good for you guys. So Venice is your next stop."

"Yeah, we figured the boardwalk would be a nice place to visit for a bit. Have you guys ever been?" McKinley's dark eyes landed on Elizabeth. She thought she had swallowed her tongue.

Reuben came to her rescue. "I've been a couple of times. I don't think Bizzy has though, have you Bizz? She's not from around these parts."

"Oh, yeah? Where are you from, Bizzy?"

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