24: Weird

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Jungkook leaned back in his chair after picking up all of the polaroids that were previously scattered around on the floor of the investigation room. Though, he made sure to pick them up in order to prevent another night spent organizing them by time again because he was exhausted beyond belief.

He smiled though, he finally had a DNA match with y/n. He could finally track the girl down and put her where she belonged; behind bars.

Jungkook looked around the empty room, thinking that y/n had once again left him a sneaky note somewhere while he was going through polaroid hell.

When he found nothing, he found himself actually feeling disappointed. Why was he disappointed? He should feel relieved that y/n hadn't busted in and put a note somewhere; but he wasn't.

Jungkook sighed and put a paper clips, or several, onto the stack of organized polaroids to keep them in order instead of sliding around in y/n's file. He definitely did NOT want to reorganize them.

He walked out of the investigation room, hair messy and uniform askew, and made his way to the lab area slowly. Slower than he'd ever walked in his whole life. He just couldn't find the energy in him to dash to the lab like he should, he just found a DNA match for one of the most infamous criminals ever for hell's sake!

Why wasn't he excited to go reveal her identity to the world? Why couldn't he run to the lab and take that papers and release them publicly? Why doesn't he want to make a stupid wanted poster with her face all over it?
He just didn't get it at all.

"Officer Jeon!" he hears a voice call from behind him. He whirls around and sees the scientist from the night before, though the tips of her hair were now dyed a soft mint green.

He looks around, finding nothing to yell at him about, before asking, "What?"

The scientist just looks at him and sighs, "You were about to run into a wall, you know."

Jungkook's eyes widen in surprise as he turns around and comes face to face with the white colored wall of the station's second floor.

"Oh, whoops." he says, sheepishly scratching the back of his neck out of embarrassment.

The scientist just sighs again and gestures for him to come into the lab area, which he does gladly.

The lab wasn't that busy in the early morning so there was no one else in the room besides the scientist and Jungkook, which he didn't mind since they were about to find some important information about a criminal at large.

The scientist sat down at what Jungkook assumed to be her desk before entering a password into a laptop. The laptop denies her entry, so she does it again, and again, and again.

"What is happening?!" she exclaims out of frustration and face palms. Jungkook just stood there as she tried once more and succeeded in locking herself out of the laptop.

"What just happened?! I swear I could access it this morning!" she exclaims, pulling out her phone and swiftly checking her email.

Jungkook looks over her shoulder as she taps on a certain email from her email provider.

Dear xxxxx xxx,

You have now changed your password! Congratulations on the successful change. Live your life with the privacy you deserve.

Your Provider,
xxxxx xxx

"Someone changed my password?!" she yells, scaring Jungkook who was standing right next to her.

Jungkook sighed and tapped her shoulder, "Can't you just use your phone to find the document?"

The scientist just sat there before looking down at her phone and rapidly typing in some password to access the locked files. She did something and a notification popped up on Jungkook's phone saying that someone was trying to airdrop him a document called "XYZ Flora"

"Thank you for this. I'll get going now." Jungkook said quickly before walking out of there slowly once again.

He needed to check the document to make sure it was correct but he didn't care right now.

All he wanted to do was lie down and sort out this weird groggy feeling he had all morning.

Welcome to another very very late chapter! Happy 2019 people!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to another very very late chapter! Happy 2019 people!

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