First chap yay.

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Yep i made a randomness book. i need one sort of where i can get out some frustration once in a while.

And also i might share personal experiences that aren't big enough for My Real Life Story Book. 

Not entirely sure what i'll be writing but i'll find that out soon.

Optimus: Im here as well!

Yes you are Optimus.

Hero: as well as me!

Tomas: don't leave me out of the fun!

Wow some members of the Army came along.

Optimus: came along?! 

ok i invited you personally.

Optimus: thats more like it.

Hero: be nice Optimus. he did create us all for a reason.

Optimus: but its a stupid reason. cause who the heck creates OC characters just for being lonely?

Tomas: apparently Turtwig does but does it matter?

Optimus: of course it matters! we aren't meant to exist, but because of this idiot *points at Turtwig* we do!

Tomas: i for one have no problem with existing. Cause who wouldn't? 

Hero: i would, so i can find out what it feels like.

And things have gone way out of my hand already. 

Im ending this chapter before things become way more weird. 

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