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Song of chapter: Dancing with a stranger — Sam Smith.



I quickly threw on some shoes, grabbed my keys, and walked out of the house

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I quickly threw on some shoes, grabbed my keys, and walked out of the house.

A concussion. Seriously?

I got in my car and called Cody, I'm not gonna drive to every hospital in LA, am I? "Daisy?" Cody said

"What hospital?" I asked, starting my car, he told me the hospital name, and I was speeding through the streets to get there.

Once I was there, I basically ran inside, I walked to the lady at the front desk. "Jack Adams." I said

"Not another crazed fan. Family only, Miss." She said, and looked back at her computer.

"I'm his SISTER!" I yelled, "Daisy Ray Adams!" I added.

"Show me your ID." She said.

"I don't have it on me right now." I stated

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She said, okay, this is it, no more collected Daisy.

"Oh I'm sorry! When I saw on the TELEVISION that my brother may be experiencing a CONCUSSION, My first thought wasn't 'oh! Let me grab my fucking ID!'" I yelled.

"I'm giving you one last chance to leave before I call security." She said.

"Yeah?" I asked, and got out my phone, dialing Cody's number, he picked up almost instantly. "Come down here and tell that ratchet lady that I'm your sister!" I yelled

"Okay, calm down, I'll be down in a second." He said, and hung up.

"Who did you just call ratchet?" She asked.

"The desk lady." I said, "oh wait, that's you." I said, I've never been so disrespectful towards an older person in my life, But she's just pissing me off so much.

She pressed a button on her keyboard, and 3 large men came in, of course she fucking called security.

"Ma'am, come with m—" The security started.

"What seems to be the problem here?" I turned to see Cody, "Did my sister do something?" He added, I smirked at the desk lady, who seemed to be frazzled.


"Not at all, Mr Adams." The lady said, "You can go back boys, no harm done" she added.

The security guards walked away, and Cody lead me up to Jack's room.

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