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Chap 1 

"Yeah yeah ill be back soon" yeah right i thought, I'll be back whenever i want, your not my parents he don't even want me here anyway, I'll disappear for good that's what he wants, I stormed out of my house on Ashton street, which was an alright street if you liked a bunch of old people and couple of newborns screaming all day and all night, Barr that its okay you're surrounded by woods which is the best bit about living here the worst is the family the younger sister, ain't to bad she just wants to go everywhere I go.

The parents Nick and Sylvia god they do my head in, they only fostered me for the money see and the bigger house, so I got in my car which was alright, if it wasn't such a old banger pumped out my music which mainly consisted of the soundtrack to Queen of the damned and a mix of other songs, sped off down the road and thought about ditching school then remembered that I couldn't otherwise I could end up back in care great.

By the time I finally pulled up to school I was running five minutes late, I jumped out of my car and shot into the building, which looked just like any other school except for the grand entry and circular staircase, that led you to the obvious conclusion that it was quite a stuck up snobby school, which whereas you would be right I ran up the stairs and into my first class, maths great as if this day couldn't get any worse "your late Miss Shadow do you have a reasonable answer?" "um nah not really I over slept" "is that it, no sorry sir it wont happen again, that's it sit down and shut up and detention" god what an ass.

 I was too busy muttering to myself to realise that my favorite squat in the corner wasn't just mine anymore, as i sat down there was this boy in the seat next to me, "who are you this is my corner, don't you know you'll lose all your rep you have by sitting in this very corner" "so, I like being alone I find it more peaceful that way don't you?" I couldn't believe he had the audacity to talk to me like that, all calm and sexy even after I snapped at him for no reason at all "yeah i do, that's why i sit in the corner Alone, my names Vania by the way ,whats yours" he froze he looked kinda funny but it bugged the hell out of me"hey you just gonna stare like that or you gonna answer me" "sorry it's just your name, it's beautiful my name is Kaze"

We never got to speak much after that Mr Clark had us sit in silence for the rest of the lesson, but it turned out we were in all our lesson together that day, Barr one performing arts which covered drama, singing and dancing so i could understand that but it kinda blows, there was something about him but i don't know what and his eyes they were i don't actually know i have to find out.

As i walked out the front gate it was already getting dark damn Mr Clark for giving me that detention but i couldn't stop thinking about kaze we shared a liking for so many things music, films,books,TV programs, it was strange i hadn't really noticed how easily he got me talking i had to laugh at myself at that one, i wonder where he's staying I'll have to ask him i thought to myself as i got into my car. 

I blared out linking park as drove to my fave hangout the old skate park, i use the old one because hardly anyone uses it now they built a bigger better one which has an indoor outdoor skate ramp, so everyone use that one now, so less people are here more room for me and less convo while you wait to use the ramp,i ain't no pro at skating i don't even really use the lingo but i like the freedom while your on the board, plus a skate park is the best place to be if you wanna sit by yourself or just be alone, while i was skating up and down the half pipe i noticed someone walk in, i carried on boarding till i noticed it was a boy, and that he was watching me skate,I came to a complete stop and shouted "you got a problem mate or do you just want a photograph it will last a lot longer " 

I started to walk up to him "just thought i would watch you for a while" and i realized it was kaze god his voice is gorgeous i don't know where he comes from, "god you gave me the creeps, just stood there watching me why dint you say hi?" the way he looked at me then made my heart flutter, his eyes they flickered, they were black with flashes of blue through them they matched perfectly with his sculpted face, long hair that hung down both sides of his face, not too long, and fell into his eyes with every movement he made, you could tell his body was in perfect condition, through his black t shirt, not overly muscled just right "i dint want to interrupt you while you were boarding you kinda looked at peace, as if you were in a different place" he looked at me then, and I laughed I couldn't help it "god you notice everything don't you"