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Chapter 1

First Encounters

"Yeah alright I'll be back soon" yeah right I thought, I'll be back whenever besides Rick don't even want me here, someday I'll disappear for good and take Olivia with me, that's what I want.

I stormed out of their house on Ashton street, which was an alright street if you liked a bunch of old people and couple of new-borns screaming all day and all night.

Barr that its okay you're surrounded by woods which is the best bit about living here, the worst is the family I'm stuck with my newly obtained younger sister, isn't to bad she just wants to go everywhere I go.

The dare I say it parents Rick and Sylvia they only fostered me for the money and the bigger house, I got in my car which is my life line, it's an old mustang a banger really, pumped out my music which is always a random mix Joni Mitchell Evanescence, Stevie Nicks you name it I probably got it somewhere.

Sped off down the road and thought about ditching college, then remembered that I couldn't otherwise I could end up spending the last six months back in care just the thought about leaving Olivia with them no way.

By the time I finally pulled up to college I was running five minutes late, I jumped out of my car and shot into the building, which looked just like any other except for the grand entry and circular staircase, that led you to the obvious conclusion that it was quite a stuck up snobby place, which whereas you would be right.

I ran up the stairs and into my first class, maths great as if this day couldn't get any worse.

"your late Miss Shadow do you have a reasonable answer?"

"um no not really I over slept"

"is that it, no sorry sir it wont happen again, that's it sit down, shut up and for my pleasure you can see me after lessons"

God what an ass.

I was too busy muttering to myself to realise that my seat in the corner wasn't just mine anymore, there was this boy in what's usually my seat.

"who are you."

I flopped down next to him and tried again" I said the names Vania and who are you?" he froze he looked kind of funny but it did bug the hell out of me.

"Hey you just going to stare like that or are you going to answer the question."

"Sorry it's just you smell incredible, my name's Kaze."

We never spoke much after that Mr Clark had us sit in silence, there was something about him but I don't know what and his eyes they were almost animalistic in a way.

I never got to see him again it was as if he vanished, by the time I walked out the front gate it was already getting dark damn that Mr Clark for making me stay back and see him, but I couldn't stop thinking about Kaze I wonder where he's staying I thought to myself as I threw my stuff into my car.

I blared out Joni Mitchell A case of you as I drove to the old park, I use the old one because hardly anyone uses it now they built a bigger better one, less people are here it's more peaceful, plus a swing is the best place to be if you want to sit by yourself or just be alone.

While I was swinging up and down I noticed someone walk in, I carried on swinging till I noticed that he was watching me, I leapt off the swing and shouted.

"you got a problem mate or do you just want a photograph it will last a lot longer."

I started to stomp up to him when he spoke "just thought I would watch you for a while."

And realized it was Kaze god I don't know where he comes from but his accents shall we say it's nice,

"god you gave me the creeps, just stood there watching me why didn't you say hi?"

The way he looked at me then made my heart skipped a beat, his eyes they flickered, they were black with flashes of blue they matched perfectly with his sculpted face, long dark hair that hung down both sides of his face, and fell into his eyes with every movement he made.

You could tell his body was in perfect condition, through his black t shirt, not overly muscled just right.

"I didn't want to interrupt, you kind of looked at peace, as if you were in a different place" he looked at me then, and I laughed I tend to do that when I'm nervous " do you notice everything."

It was then that I learnt he could hear a hell of a lot better then the average person as well .

Kaze grabbed my arm really hard and shouted "RUN" I didn't need to ask why, a really loud and unnatural howl came from the woods scattering all the birds and animals surrounding the fields, around the old park , that was part of the reason the council built the new one.

Kaze dragged me at a pace I could barely keep up with, we ran until we came to a what I guessed was his car "get in" I didn't need telling twice, I threw myself in and immediately began to calm down and get my breath back. "

"One what the (stop myself from swearing)hell was that,

two when did you hear it or know there was something else out there,

and three what was it."

He looked at me with almost an angry or confused look on his face, I couldn't describe it.

" I'll explain in one minute, I just have to make a phone call"

He pulled out a phone slid it up and dialled a number, I waited patiently for me.

"Dria its Kaze they're here, I don't know who.. or who else is with them ....yeah I got it with me, so they must know I didn't wait around to see who.....NO I'll be home soon......... alright see you soon, keep an eye out and an ear be safe"

That was the weirdest conversation of all times, I had a thousand questions buzzing around my head, so I waited for him to answer my first three, he started the car and reversed out of the clearing slash car park and sped off down Fauts rd. which again was shrouded in trees.

We drove in silence for at least ten minutes, when he finally decided to speak.

"one it sounded like a wolf,

two I heard the twigs break,

and you asked the same question twice, you don't need to worry about the phone call Dria's my sister."

He said it as if all this was an every day occurrence, I almost wanted to laugh and strangle him all at once.

"what do you mean you herd the twigs break and they're here, they must know, what must they know?"

He looked at me and laughed then shook his head, that's when I realized we were at my house and had a sudden thought, what about my car and how did he know where I lived.

" You don't have to worry, I will find out and sort it."

" What kind of answer do you call that, and what about my car "

" Dria will drive it to college tomorrow and I'll pick you up in the morning shall we say 8:30"

" yeah and how did you know where I lived"

"that's for me to know and for you to find out. "

I noticed Olivia coming out of the front door and towards the car " well I guess thanks for whatever happened back there"

"you don't have to thank me." I shut the door.

" Who's that ", Olivia asked as we were walking inside.

"ssh don't wake Rick you know I will tell you everything when we get upstairs ok "

" promise "

" yes "

" Pinkie promise "

" alright pinkie promise."

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