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Corbean: yo
Joanna: what's supp
Jackie: I'm cold
Zachary: me too it's acc snowing
                               You: wait it's snowing in England
Danny: no
Jonah: it's snowing in

Suddenly you hear shuffling behind you
Corbyn: Canada
You: OMG
You run up to them and hug all of them. Your eyes start to tear up
You: OMG I can't believe you guys are actually here
Corbyn: don't cry
Daniel: yh please don't
You: where are you staying
Jonah: here and by the way I told you I'd come
You: what ever Jonah
You can't help but smile
You: have they said it's ok
Jack: yh they said it's fine
Zach: I dibs on sharing a bed with my boyfriend and he runs into jacks arms
You all laugh except from jack whose trying to free himself from zachs grip
You: well Corbyn Jonah and Daniel can sleep in my bed room  and jachary can have the guest room
Jack: y/n don't do this to me
You: haha I'm sorry

You all go into the *assigned* bed rooms
And they unpack. Your so overwhelmed by all of this
You: I can't believe you did this for me
Jonah: we missed you
You bring Jonah into a big hug
Jonah: I missed you
You: I missed you too Joanna
Jonah: I'm coming for you
You ran down the stairs and you quickly went to the garden he followed you.you realised that Johnny was outside but you didn't care
Jonah chased you and then you stopped as you reached a dead end
You: oh shut the fridge!
Jonah catches you and carries you bridal style into the pool.
You: your coming with me
You pulled his arms and he fell in as well
When he jumps in you tickle him under his chin and repeatedly kick to swim away from him but he catches up and grabs you by the waist until you guys are nose to nose
Jonah: y/a/n/n  (your annoying nick name)
You: oh no you didn't
You guys fight until you get tired and then your realise John was watching the whole time

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