Chäpter Threë

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I stood in the now open doorway, absorbing the heat of everyone's sudden stare with my head held high. I had to stay strong. I couldn't look weak.

"Evangeline. It's about time you arrived. I'm sure you had a logical excuse for your late arrival, am I correct?"

My father's voice called to me from the head of the table, his dull eyes finding mine and holding them with a fire of fury within their depths. He was angry. He was definitely angry.

I nodded slowly and walked into the room, making sure to keep my steps small, so all anyone's eye could see was the swish of my dress.

"Yes father. I apologize."

I kept my head down as I walked over to the long mahogany table. I took my place at the head, next to my father and mother.

Once I actually sat down, I took the time to observe the ones who were at our little meeting.

The first I saw was a very clean shaven, but horrid man, his age mirroring roughly around 40-45.

I held in my thoughts as I took him in, he wasn't all that good looking; his small beady eyes were a flat brown and nearly bulged from his skull, and his hair a dark mangy mess on top of his head, the color such a deep brown you could barely notice the difference between it and black.

His skin was a pale ivory and was coated in a few select age marks, letting the man possibly pass for 45-50.

He nodded his head in my direction, a smug smirk pasting itself over his thin lips.

Disgust rolled deep in my stomach as my eyes moved quickly to the next at the table.

I froze when my eyes met his, my heart seeming to stop in my chest as an electric like shock tore through my veins.

His eyes were what caught my attention first, the bright blue seeming almost neon, the color so vibrant that it didn't seem a natural color.

My gaze then traveled his face, my eyes dragging across the sharp angles of his cheekbones, flicking down to his strong jaw, and finally moving up to his hair that was no doubt black, the color seeming to even put darkness to shame.

Wow...he looked like what I would imagine one of the gods to look like. Pure beauty. Almost...other-worldy.

"Evangeline, meet your future husband." My father's suddenly smug voice broke me from my trance and snapping my eyes over to him.

My heart eased slightly, but didn't completely let up. The man was attractive, actually more than attractive, but that didn't mean that I was suddenly fine with an arranged marriage. I didn't want marriage. I was much too young, and I didn't want to marry unless it was for love.

"Father I don't- I" I started but was then cut off by the screeching of wood against stone. My eyes shot up and I felt them widen as they settled on the older gentleman. He stood gracefully from his chair, one hand held behind his back and the other bent in front of him as he did a small bow.

"My Lady. You are truly as fair and lovely as they say. I cannot wait to legally make you mine."

My heart skipped, but not at all in the good way. My stomach dropped to my toes as my eyes took him in once again.

My parents were going to marry me to a man that was twice, almost triple my age?!

What? What was happening?

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