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I woke up and jungkook is beside me
and i remove his hands from hugging me and i went to the bathroom and did my morning routine

And i went out jungkook is still sleeping so i went to him and wake him up

"Jungkook-ah..u have some work to do!"i said and he woke up an rub his eyes"i dont have work today so i come with you at the office"jungkook said and he went to the bathroom

Leaving me dumpfolded but i went to down stairs and see that breakfast is already ready and i went to take a sit and jungkook went down after that

(At work)

Jungkook is just in the couch scrolling down to his phone

While me doing some works and then my secretary went to me

"Mrs.unnie!u have a meeting in a couple of minutes!please get ready and proceed at the meeting area"soobin said i turn off my laptop and went to the meeting area

And i wait to the people who im meeting with..and all the people went in and we started the meeting

(After the meeting)

I went to my office and continuo my works and jungkook went in and while holding two coffee and he handed me the coffee

"Thanks babe!"i said and he smile and hug me"babe..arent we go home?"jung kook said and i look at him"later..so hang in their i have to finish this paper works"i said and turn to the laptop and continuo doing some paper works

(After work)

And its time to go home so i drag jung
Kook with me and went out of the buil ding

"Babe..whould u like to eat in a restaurant?"jungkook ask me and i just nodded and we walk to the nearest res

And we went in and a lady approach us

"Table of 2 please"jungkook said"follow me"the lady said a we follow her and reach our table and she handed us a menu

And we startes to order our food

(After we eat)

Jungkook pay the bill and we both went to my car and drove of to the house

And we arrive in the house we went to our room and started our night time routine

And we lay down on our bed

"Babe..do u have work next week?"jung kook ask"nope..why?"i said"well im
Wondering that we should go on a date"jungkook said

"Ok..im just going to tell to my secre tary that he should be the one whos
Going to appear in my meetings"i said and i took my phone


Mrs.noona:soobin-ah next week your the one who's going to do my works and appear in my meetings

Secretary soobin:oh okay noona

(End of conversation)

After i text soobin me and jungkook went to bed

Well i might end it soon in the chapter 20 or 23 i have to make a plan so yea bye sorry if its late too

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