Chapter 47 ~Anne~

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Liked by @louist91 @niallhoranofficial @Gemmastyles and 7,963,962 more

annetwist My baby had his baby😭

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Gemmastyles Have you seen the baby yet mum? @annetwist

annetwist @Gemmastyles Yes sweetie, you'll absolutely love seeing them for the first time.

niallhoranofficial @annetwist You said 'them' I thought there was only one baby?!?!?

annetwist There is only one baby, they want to announce the gender which is why I used 'them'. @niallhoranofficial

niallhoranofficial @annetwist Oooohhh gotcha

Realliampayne oooh I'm so excited to meet him/her!!!

zayn @Realliampayne I know babe me too!!

louist91 I can assure you that no one will meet them unless you get Harry food. @Gemmastyles @niallhoranofficial @zayn @Realliampayne @annetwist

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