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I didn't know why I did it.. This is basically the gems being jealous of other gems. Sorry if it's cringey or nit accurate.. It's my first time doing this!



This young gem would pout when he saw you walking around the desserted hallways of the school with Antarcticite sticking close to your side. Phos literally chose to stay wide awake during hibernation just to stalk his beloved senpai walking around and patrolling with his other senpai.

Truth to be told he is jealous due to the fact that Antarc can just strike up a conversation with you without ending it up quickly, Antarc can be himself around you, unlike Phos.. He acted cutely infront of you just so you can pay attention to this peppermint coloured gem.


Seeing you laughing around with the second youngest gem known as Zircon annoys him, as he usually saw the two of you chattering away from the big Medic Corner window. Everytime he saw you with Zircon, he would feel like he's been shattered from the inside.

Diamond would be there to comfort him and try to help her little brother, she often would drag you and sometimes suggest that you and Bort should pair up, with the permission from Sensei of coures. Bort wouldn't show his jealous side, in fact he doesn't even know how to control his feelings to you.

There is a time where Bort 'accidently' threw Zircon to the jellyfish pond when he saw you two giving each ither a friendly hug. He was scolded by Yellow the day after.


He is jealous of Phos who can just waltz in and steal his favorite gem with his cuteness. He is that type of gem that would stare at you from a distance, admiring you, and loving you secretly. Beneath his tough cookie exterior, he is a very gentle and shy gem just wanting love.

And that is proven, as he is always there when you needed help, either in the Medic Corner, in the hallways, Library, and even in the battlefield (don't ask me how did he get there so fast).


Now this gem right here, would not hesitate to actually break another gem when it comes to you. The red haired male doesn't like the way you admire Bort. Sure Bort is the strongest, but hey! He's not that bad either. Sure Bort has black silky long hair, but his hair is more fabulous than his!

But if coures despite his possessiveness over you, he let only certain gems that could touch you and be with you, like Rutile for an example or maybe Dia, he barely tolerate Yellow though. Beware of any gem touching or hanging out to you when he us awake, or you will have to work all night to fix up the gems he broke 'accidently'.


This shy gem can also be jealous, especially when he find you talking and joking around with a certain gem named Goshenite. He honestly can't believe that Goshe would actually have the guts to talk to you, he then realize that Goshenite have Morganite's help to grab your attention.

He noticed the way Morga would pull you over to have a chat with her and Goshenite, then after about one minute Morga would leave the two of you alone to continue on the topic of the chat. This little blue bean sometimes wish Nepuchii would help him when it comes to grabbing your attention. But the purple haired gem is simply not interested in her partner's problems as she herself isn't that close with you.

[Yellow Diamond]

When it comes to you, he would literally run across the island just to save you from those Lunarians. But he is not fast enough to take you away from Padparadscha's charms. As the oldest, he felt numerous of pain before, but there is this one pain that tortures him on the inside. Seeing you all happy with Padparadscha.

It really drops his self-esteem as he is afraid that he is just too old for you, or maybe he is not strong enough and a coward. Yellow likes to think that all he can do is just run away from his problems, like he ran away from you when he saw you with Padparadscha.

But don't mess with him, he will do anything to keep you safe from afar. He and his speed is something that should not be underestimate as he is faster than Padparadacha, therefore he can run to you at anytime of the day, possibly helping you and saving you. You can say that he is your secret knight in shining armor, always keeping an eye on you.


This ultra shy bean is jealous of Jade's personality, because from what he sees is that Jade's charismatic aura can grab your attention. Everyone admires Speaker Jade, even himself, but he couldn't help but to feel jealous when Jade and you are partnered up because Euclase is currently doing something else.

When you and Jade are partnered up, Kongo would praise you two for the excellent work you two have done, especially during patrols, partnering you up with Jade has proven to be very effective and this of coures made this shy gem jealous of the fact that Jade and you will probably be partners in the future thus making you close to Jade and not him.

He is utterly grateful for Morga to be kind enough to drag you to him.


He is jealous of every single gem that goes all happy go lucky around you when he is all melted into liquid in the tub. He is tempted to slice every single sleeping gem who touched and acted all lovey dovey around you during the Summer, Spring and Autumn.


This (ex)husbando material gem, wouldn't express any emotion towards you whatsoever. It is hard to understand Cairngorm from the outside, but somehow you can and it caught his attention. But his love for you just have to be interupted, by none other than Benitoite.

He saw the way you pat the blue haired gem on his head and how he would blush upon your touch. It made his blood boil to the point where he would actually grab his scythe and just slice the blue bean in half. But no, he value his image.

He sometimes wish he can act cute infront of you just to keep your attention on him without looking like a weirdo. Because he conclude that Benito is cute, and you like to spend time with Benito, so to sum up, you like cute things. He did try to act all cute infront of you, but all he got was a trip to the Medic Corner.

[BONUS - Peridot]

He would sacrifice his papers just to stick it to other gems's back with "I am stoopid" Written on it and without them knowing it because most if them just thought they were being pat on the back by Peridot. So if you're being pat on the bacm by Peridot, please check your back for any paper with weird writings on it.

After sticking it to their backs, he would pick you up and run away.

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