Chapter 11: Executing the plan and the Torture begins

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Setting: At Y/n's house

Time: 6:30 p.m.

You then woke up from your nap and went upstairs to wake up the girls. As you went upstairs, you turn on the lights and saw the three girls sleeping soundly with their cloaks above the cabinet. Before you open the lights, you then wear your cloak.

Y/n - Girls, it's time to wake up. You said as you clapped your hands, waking them up.

The three girls then rise up from the bed and Xenovia said,

Xenovia - Oh Y/n. *yawn* What time is it?

Y/n - It's 6:30 p.m. Now go take a shower the three of you.

Irina - Okay.

As the three girls go away from the bed, you then began to fix it. Xenovia then went in first to take a bath, leaving Y/n, Koneko and Irina.

Y/n - So, what do you guys want to talk about?

Koneko - About your plan. What time we will go there?

Y/n - Maybe at 7:30 p.m.

Irina - Will you kidnap them? What will you do when Kiba or the others saw you?

Y/n - To your first question, yes. To your second question, I'll knock them down unconscious and I will leave them there in the ORC building. But don't worry, once they try to find them, they will not locate my place because I covered my entire house with a barrier. You explained.

Irina - I see.

Koneko - After you kidnapped them, what will we do?

Y/n - You will just only stand there, watching them being tortured by myself.

Koneko - Ah I see. Now I understand.

After a while, Xenovia then walked out of the bathroom, with bath towel covering her body. You then look away from Xenovia while blushing and she began to wear her usual clothes including the cloak that he get from above the cabinet. Once Xenovia is done, Irina went inside the bathroom to take a bath.

Y/n - Now that Xenovia is done, I will further explain my plan to her.

Xenovia - Okay so what's the plan?

Y/n - Here's the plan, the three of you will wait for me when I brought Rias and Issei, then we will go to the basement of my house. Once we are there, the torture will begin. While I was torturing them, the three of you will just stand there, watching them being punished or the three of you can act as my guards, just in case someone break the barrier. You explained.

Xenovia - Sounds good.

Then Irina came out of the bathroom with towel covering her body. Once again you looked away from her while blushing as she wear her usual clothes and the cloak above the cabinet.

Irina - There. All set.

She then sat beside on your left while Xenovia is on your right.

And lastly, Koneko went inside of the bathroom to take a bath.

Irina - I've been wondering.

Y/n - What is it, Irina?

Irina - Did you have any crush or girlfriend?

Y/n - No. Why do you ask?

Irina - Oh nothing. I just wanted know.

Y/n - What about you, did you have any crush or boyfriend?

Irina - I did have a crush but I don't have a boyfriend.

Y/n - Really? Who is it?

Irina then blushed and thought,

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