Chapter 2: One Year Later

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My bus arrives at my bus stop and I step out. I look at the gates and sigh. "here we are again" I whisper to myself and I look at the huge gate that is standing in front of me. I open the gate. I walk over to the cable cart cabin. "still as creepy as last year" I whisper while I look around in the forest.

I arrive at the cable cart station and walk over to the wooden bench. Chris's backpack is laying on the bench. His phone goes off. I decide not to pick up. It's none of my business. I sit on the bench and wait. After a couple of minutes I hear someone walking into my direction. I look up and see Chris. I smile.
"long time, no see my friend" Chris says. I chuckle "hey Chris". I say.
We give each other a hug. "it's weird being here again" I say. Chris nods. "are you okay?" he ask. I shrug my shoulder. "yeah I guess" I say.
The cable cart arrives and we both step into the cable cart. The cable cart moves upwards. I look out of the window and see the mountain coming closer, a shiver goes down my spine as I remember the events that happened last year. The cable cart arrives and we step out.

As we step out of the cable cart cabin we see Jessica and Mike sitting on the wooden bench kissing each other. "get a room" Chris says. They look up and Mike gives Chris a middlefinger. They both stand up and Mike walks over to me and gives me a tight hug. Mike and I have been best friends since kindergarten. "how are you doing?" he ask. I look at him and smile "yeah I'm okay, you?" I ask. He nods his head. "kind of spooky here" he says. I look at him "I know that look don't you dare pull pranks on me Mike" I say and laugh.

We hear some noises coming out of the forest, few seconds later we see Sam coming out of the forest. "Hey Sam" I say and I walk over to her to give her a hug. She hugs me back and looks back into the forest. "I heard some strange noises" she says, but then she shrugs her shoulders "whatever probably a rabbit or something" she says and walks over to greet the rest of the guys. I take a quick look at the forest, but I don't see anything.

Chris comes around the corner. "Hey guys check this out" he says and then walks back. Mike and I look at each other, shrug our shoulders and walk over to Chris.
"Are you guys coming with us" Mike ask and looks at Jessica and Sam. They both shake their heads. "No thank you, we're freezing so we will go to the ski lodge" Sam says.
"yeah and I don't want to find out what kind of gross thing Chris is going to show you. No thank youuu!" Jessica says while they walk away into the forest to the Ski lodge.

Mike and I walk to Chris. "so what do you want to show us?" I ask. Chris is standing there with a huge grin. "I've found a wooden shooting range" he says. Mike laughs and gets excited. He walks over to Chris and grabs the gun leaning against the wooden shooting range. He holds the gun into position to shoot and fires and hits a tiny can.
He smiles. "okay big shot let me try" I say. I grab the gun, aim it at a bottle and shoot. I hit. "pfftt that was a big object of course you can hit that" Chris says. I look at him. "you're just jealous" I say and lightly push him.
"shall we go to the ski lodge?" Chris ask. "nice change of subject" I say and laugh.

We arrive at the ski lodge and see Josh, Sam and Jessica there. "why aren't you guys inside?" Chris ask. I walk over to Josh and give him a hug. "how are you?" I ask. He shrugs his shoulder "I'm okay I guess thank you Y/N" he says and gives me a peck on my cheeks.
"we can't go inside because the lock is frozen" Josh says.
"is there an other option?" Mike ask. Josh looks around "well there are some windows open so we could crawl through that to get inside?" he says.
We walk to the window. "so who are going inside to let us in?" Jessica ask. We look at each other. "okay fine I'll go" he says and sighs. He climbs through the window and falls to the ground. "I'm okay" he says and groans.
"oh hey buddy, I remember that I have some spray deodorant in the bathroom you could use that to warm up the lock,here take my lighter" Josh says. He throws the lighter.
"so I'm going alone... Through a dark house...great" Chris says.

Now you get 2 options, choose one and select that story in order to continue with your story

1) join Chris into the house
2) stay with rest and wait for Chris to open the door

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