Home At Last

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Marinette's P.O.V.

I sighed as I was walking back home from school, once I reached my house, I walked inside through the backdoor, walked up the stairs into my living room and then into my bedroom.

I dropped my bag onto the floor, sighed in anger, sadness and frustration, walked up to my closet, took out a pair of black comfy pants and a plain white XXL t-shirt, I took my hair out of my pigtails and tied it into a messy bun.

I sat by my laptop and started to watch the anime, Inuyasha, to get my mind off of what happened today, everyone now hates me, even though I did nothing wrong to them, I don't know what the hell is happening, but I hope that people will give me answers soon.

After watching multiple episodes of Inuyasha, even almost reaching the final act, which has been like hours later, suddenly my phone beeped, I paused the episode and checked what was on my phone.

Die, bitch!

I can't believe you were my friend!


I can't believe that I trusted you!

Ur no friend!


I hate you!

Fuck u!







Adrien hates you!

We all hate you!

You were never my friend!

All the texts and notifications kept on coming, the tears just fell down, one became two and two became endless, I wiped my eyes and my cheeks, letting out a small sob as I threw my phone onto my chaise in anger.

"Marinette, please don't worry about it, you know all of what they are saying is not true", Tikki tried to reassure, "No Tikki, my friends hate me, and I don't even know why", I let out a small sob.

"I will never hate you, I will never turn my back on you", she told me as she hugged my head stained cheek, "Thank you, Tikki", I replied to her as I sobbed lightly and hugged her back with my hands.

"Come on now, you forgot about your homework and your assignment due on Friday", she told me, "Oh that's right", I snapped back into realization, "Thank you Tikki", I told her and I took my work out of my backpack.

I started to do my homework which was just a few worksheets, a few questionnaires, activities and questions, and activities from textbooks, and an essay for both English and Literature and my assignment for Literature due on Friday.

I started on the hard stuff first and I sighed in defeat, I started to yawn at how tired was but I just kept on going, about an hour later, half of everything was done, and I let out a sigh of relief as I put it back into my backpack.

"Marinette! Dinner time!", mom called for me, "coming mom", I called back and I ran into the dining room, started to eat dinner and dessert with both of my parents when I was finished, I walked back into my bedroom and carried on with my homework.

Once I was finished with everything, I put it all into my backpack, yawned, walked into my bedroom, got ready for bed, climbed into my bed, pulled my covers over me, Tikki went onto her bed and we both fell asleep not even caring at how early it was.

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