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On my first day of working at Mr. Jefferson's estate, I was lucky to have Annie helping me out throughout the day, but this last task she said would be an easy one: cleaning Mr. Jefferson's room. Now, this would be the case if he wasn't in his bedroom now, working away at the desk on the other side of the room. This made me feel extremely anxious, regardless though, I have to do my duties. I knocked on the door, hoping that he'll answer back to me. "Come in, " I hear him speak. I openly the door quietly, walking into a room with papers all over the place, and a floor that probably couldn't remember the last time it was swept. It seemed as if a tornado had hit Mr. Jefferson's room.

"Mr. Jefferson, I've come to clean your room. I hope you don't mind, " I stated. "Not at all, please continue on with your duties, " he replies, but he didn't bother to turn around to look at me as he responded, instead, he kept on working. The quill in his hand moving rapidly to keep up with the many thoughts traveling through that mind of his. I did as was told and I continued on with my duties.

I swept the floor, picked up and put away papers, I even cleaned the windows. However, looking out of one of the windows I could see massive fields of various plants that looked as if they go on for forever. I could see the large number of slaves that tended to the large fields. It was now that I really started to question the wealth that Mr. Jefferson had.

I realized that I have been staring out of the window much longer than needed, so I quickly returned to doing my duties as I finished cleaning Mr. Jefferson's room. As I finished up cleaning by dusting off his many bookshelves, I accidentally bumped into Mr. Jefferson's desk, thus resulting in the small bottle of ink on his desk to fall off, the ink flying onto Mr. Jefferson's suit as it soon reached the floor, the rest of the ink spilling out onto the floor.  "Oh my, my apologies, Mr. Jefferson. I did not mean to bump into the desk, " I say as I quickly tried to clean the spilled ink on the floor before it dried. "It is alright, " Mr. Jefferson said as he got down and picked up the little bottle.

"Oh, Mr. Jefferson, your suit. It's covered in ink, " I pointed out. "It's fine, it's just a suit. A little ink on my suit wouldn't hurt it, " he chuckled. "Regardless, I can always get another suit, " he stated.
"Yes, that is true, but, I truly do apologize for the mess I've caused, " I said. "It is alright dear, accidents happen, I should know. Once I broke my hand trying to impress a lady I wanted to court, " he replied, and I couldn't help but laugh, though such an action was usually deemed improper for a lady, Mr. Jefferson did not mind, in fact, he laughed along with me.

"Well, I believe I must return to my work, " Mr. Jefferson said as he sat back down in his chair. "Yes, I shall go and continue with on with my duties, " I said as I grabbed my cleaning tools, making my exit from his room. "See you tomorrow, (y/n), " Mr. Jefferson said, causing me to stop in my tracks as I reached for the doorknob. "Indeed, " I reply with a smile, for the fact that he remembered my name brought me pure joy.

I left his room with the brightest anyone could ever see, and when I made my way back to my quarters, Daniele could tell. "My, you're smilin' brighter than the sun. What's gotten you in such a good mood? " Daniele inquired. "Why it's silly, " I remarked as I changed into more comfy clothes as Daniele covered his eyes with his hands. "It couldn't be too silly to make you smile, " he acknowledged. I pulled his hands to as a signal that it was okay to look now. "It very much is, trust me, " I smirked. "Just tell me, please, " he begged. "Oh fine, when I was leaving Mr. Jefferson's room after cleaning it he told me 'see you tomorrow, (y/n)', and he remembered my name. The fact that he actually paid attention yesterday and remembered my name made me happy, so I couldn't help but smile, " I explained. "Just that? You surely do act like a little girl finding out the boy she fancies likes her, " Daniele joked as I punched his arm as he said 'ow'.

"Good night, (y/n), " Daniele told me as he put out the lantern. "Good night, " I replied as I drifted into sleep, the smile still lurking on my face.

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