For Better Or Worse II

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A week later

“And I hate to say I love you when it's so hard for me, and I hate to say I want you, when you make it so clear you don't want me. I'd never ask you cause deep down, I'm certain I know what you'd say. You'd say I'm sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way.”

Sam Smith's voice travelled through the door of the bathroom, along with Zelah's voice. She sang softly from the shower, and Sam stood on the other side with his head against the door—listening.

She wasn't terrible but she sounded hoarse and so it wasn't coming out too good. But he loved it. He wished that he had the courage to go in and hold her, just because.

Once again, he lifted his hand to knock but he brought it back down, cursing under his breath.

One whole week. He stayed away, to think and re-evaluate everything. After making sure she was okay and that she got home safely, he didn't speak to her. And she didn't bother to try. Now, he was scared to look at her again.

The door opened and he jerked, taking a step back. She stood there, clad in a white towel—clutching it to her chest. She still had water on her brown skin, and she had a certain healthy glow about her that he didn't recognize. She didn't look surprised to see him, but the look on his face was priceless. He just stared, gaping like a fish out of water.

“Hi. Can I help you with something?” Zelah went past him and over to her vanity, planting herself in her chair.

His eyes followed her in silent surprise. Sam was shocked beyond words, and he had a good reason to be.

She cut off all her hair. She was bald.

“Uh..hi.. I mean, morning. Good morning.” He cleared his throat and went to take a seat on her bed, watching her. She was currently in the process of rubbing herself down with coconut oil.

“Good morning. If you want it to be a great morning, keep sitting there. I'm about to drop my towel.” She turned to face him, with an arched brow. “So what will it be?”

He was speechless. She looked warm... and so beautiful. Her face was defined, and everything stood out. Her slender nose, her big, round eyes, and her full lips. Which was sporting a smirk at the moment.

“Sam. Will you say something or not?”

“Oh! Yeah I'm... I'll be outside. I'm sorry..” he shot up and headed for the door, shaking his head slowly.

One week. What happened in one week??

“Great. I'll be five minutes.”

He nodded at her and pulled her room door shut, before leaning against it. A small smile played around his lips and he sighed before leaving to take a seat. The manila envelope that he had brought with him sat on her coffee table, waiting to be opened.

He even tried to look business-like, in a casual way. He wore a black blazer over a white tee shirt with dark jeans. It was important, and he felt like he had to make an impression. He looked around her apartment, the memories that they had made hitting him in full force.

With a heavy sigh, he stared down at his clasped hands in front of him and tried to wait patiently. It was pushing five minutes, and she was still in her room.

Probably doing what women do that makes them take so long.

He laid back and closed his eyes, exhaling slowly. He missed her. Terribly. His past week was spent on plans for the restaurant and doing his job. Most of the time, Georgie filled in for him and she's been doing quite well. All he needed was for Zee to seal the deal and it was go time. He had most to all of the investors that he needed.

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