Chapter 12

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"I think-k we" still streaming tears from my eyes, the words couldn't come out of my mouth I was tongue tied "Okay okay I'm so so so sorry I really don't want to do this" I sulked.

"Chris! I'm sorry I'm breaking up with you." The words ran out of my mouth.

I ran off not wanting to face what Chris would say or do. I saw Jacob standing with Luke, I had no idea what else to do so I gave Jacob my biggest hug causing him to nearly fall over.

"Tara you okay?" Jacob asked worriedly.

"No not at all." I hugged him tighter.

"Come tell me about it." Jacob reached out his hand i held it carefully.

We got to a quiet spot where no one was around.

"Hanna umm" a tear slowly drifted down my eye "she demanded i break up with Chris or she would make my life hell."

"Aww come here." he reached his arms out and hugged me in this moment I really didnt want to let go, I don't want to face Hanna or Chris.

Jacob is an amazing best friend to have honestly I know he will be there for me through thick and thin. We hugged for a good couple of minutes he is so comforting, I know Chris is as well but it's most best to get comforted on your worst dark days.

- ding ding ding -

really the bell? ughhh

I faked an injuring seeing as I don't want to see Chris because he probably hates me right now. I went to the school nurse limping so it looks like I hurt my foot.

"What has happened to you?" the nurse said.

"I was running at lunch today and I tripped over I must've landed on my foot wrong because it hurts so much" I put a painful expression on my face.

"Oh looks like your gonna have to go home, I'm gonna call your parents" the nurse informed me.

I swear you can get away with anything.

As I was walking towards my car I saw Chris, our eyes found each others. I was still pretending to limp so they knew I wasn't lying.

"Hey what's wrong? you okay?" Chris asked curiously.

Why was he talking to me? Shouldn't he be mad at me?

"I fell over at lunch. Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking." I smiled and walked to my car.

That was awkward. But Im happy we talked.

"Hey darling, how was school?" mum asked.

"It was good, except for falling over!" I put on a fake smile.

We reached home i put my ear phones in my ears as high as my ears could stand than i just layed on my bed. I layed there for what felt like forever, I have just officially ruined my life I've lost my happiness and I don't know how i'll get it back. I had tears, tears and more tears more then the other times.

My phone flashed on, i really want to ignore it but when my phone flashes i need to check! It was 2:24pm i must've been listening to music for ages wow.

A text from Jacob!

Jacob- Hey wanna hang out when I get home from school? x

Tara- Yeah sure (:


The clock turned to 3:40pm.

Jacob- You ready :)

Tara- Yep see you soon :-)

Me and Jacob met up at our local park, to my surprise we weren't alone

"You wanna go somewhere else where you feel comfortable?" Jacob whispered in my ear.

"Nah i'm fine honestly."

It was Chris and he was joined with I really don't want to say that bitches name yeah her, Luke, Indie, Aria, Pariss, Beth and Ethan. It was awkward though. Luke and Indie were flirting as usual, Beth and Ethan were cuddling up Pariss was giving Beth evils, Aria was kicking a footy on the oval and then you see Hanna sitting on Chris' lap.

If they are going to cuddle up in front of me I might as well do the same. I was there with Jacob after all.

I don't know why but I really feel like kissing Jacob, not just because Chris is a little bit of distance away just because I think I'm starting to like him, I don't understand why i'm feeling like this. I LOVE CHRIS. Maybe I'm just feeling alone, i really dont know.

My face got closer to Jacobs and finally my lips were like glued to his.

It wasn't that bad of a kiss actually but I just feel so bad.

I felt a tear run down my eye. I ran off hiding behind a bush, I got my phone out and texted Chris & Jacob.

Message to Jacob-

Tara - Jacob I'm so sorry for doing that ahh im so sorry.

Message to Chris-



I'm so sorry guys for not uploading, I just really don't know if i'll continue with this book I just feel I've rushed the whole thing. :(

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I love you all, thank you for reading my book I just honestly don't know if I will continue it xx

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