Chapter 37-Daniel's POV

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Chapter 37- Daniel's POV

By the time I get home from Nora's, Anthony is already waiting for me outside of our house on the front steps. I step out of my car and walk across the lawn who's grass is already starting to turn brown, and sit down next to him.

"Yo, what's goin' on?" I ask him.

Anthony still hasn't looked at me yet, instead he's staring down at the shitty looking grass. "I saw Ma last night," he says quietly.

"What do you mean you saw her? Where were you?"

"I was driving downtown. I was planning on meeting up with Luis at the bar---but as I was walking down the street after parking the car, I saw her. She was---" Anthony pauses for a second, sucking in a breath.

"What? What the fuck was she doing Anthony, spit it out!" I demand.

He shakes his head and closes his eyes. "She's a fucking prostitute, Daniel."

I can feel a knot starting to form in my stomach after he says this and my blood runs cold. I don't even realize it until I look down that my hands are starting to shake uncontrollably, whether its out of anger or simply disbelief I'm not sure.

"How do you know that for sure?" I say, my voice sounding unusually high and desperate.

"She was leaning her head into some bastard's car and she was wearing this skimpy ass outfit, you know the kind, and then whoever was driving the car let her in and they drove away together," he explains.

The entire time I don't even want to believe a single word he's telling me. It was too goddamn awful to be true. I grind my teeth together, trying to suppress my sudden rage and hatred for whoever got my mom into that shit in the first place. If I ever found out who she was working for, if she wasn't working on her own which I highly doubted, I swear I would strangle that that guy to death. Maybe it was someone who worked at the bar with her. All of sudden this crazy idea started to take shape in my head. I could drive downtown to where she works right now and ask to speak to the manager and once I get him alone I'll pound him with questions about my mother and what his relationship is with her and if I couldn't get a straight answer out of him I would call Anthony and the rest of the gang in for back up. Surely he would talk then if we tried to physically force it out of him.

"We have to get to the bottom of this," I say determinedly.

"What do you mean by that? I don't wanna get involved in that shit," Anthony refuses, taking out a cigarette from a pack he was holding and lighting it.

"Ok, fine. I'll do it on my own then," I reply, confused at Anthony's response towards the situation.

"Don't be a naive little shit," he groans. "You should know by now that Ma's problems are her's and her's alone. There's nothing we can do to fix them."

"So what, we're just gonna stand by and watch her self destruct in front of us without even saying or doing anything to get her back on the right track?" I protest.

"Yep," Anthony says, shrugging his shoulders matter of factly. "I gotta live my own life, Danny. And so do you."

"Yeah well if 'living my life' means being a shitty son to my mother and letting her make a living on the streets then fuck that," I shoot back, getting up from my seat on the steps.

"Hey wait! Yo, why you gotta be like this, c'mon!" I hear Anthony call out as I slam the screen door to the house behind me.

Once I'm on the other side, I lean my back up against the door and run my fingers through my hair in frustration. This whole situation was getting to be completely ridiculous. Not only was my mom keeping a major secret from the rest of our family, but I was also keeping secrets of my own too. I still hadn't told Nora about me selling drugs with my brother in order for him to get a new place, and I was still managing to keep up this stupid secret relationship shit with Lexie too without my brother or his friends even suspecting a thing. Everything is just one gigantic mess waiting to spiral out of control and I now know exactly what I have to do to make things somewhat right again. I've decided that I'm going to drive over to Brittany's house, where Lexie is still staying, and tell her that it's over.

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