Chapter Twelve.

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Jughead, FP and I had taken Fangs straight to the hospital as the ambulance had failed to arrive which judging by the chaos on the streets really didn't surprise me. Sweet Pea and the rest of the serpents had dispersed once the four of us had gotten in my truck. I was worried about where Sweet Pea had gone as I knew how angry he was but I pushed it aside focusing on getting Fangs the help he needed.

"Help us!" Jughead yelled as we rushed into the hospital frantically. 

"We need a doctor!" FP shouted immediately after as he carried Fangs through the foyer by himself. Jughead ran up too the counter telling the nurse that we needed help. As she told Jughead to wait his turn he slammed his hand down on the counter yelling once again.

"He's dying!" Tears were evident in Jughead's eyes as I rushed over and grabbed his arm softly to calm him.

"What's going on here?" The same doctor who had tended to me over the last couple of days asked as he saw who it was. 

"My friend was shot, right in the stomach." I explained before Jughead could yell anymore. 

"Hey get me a gurney." The doctor shouted at the police who had followed us to the station before nodding slightly at me with a small reassuring smile. 

Fangs grunted immediately as he was set down on the gurney by FP and Jughead. Seeing him in pain was breaking my heart but I knew there was nothing more we could do for him, it was all up to the doctors now. 

"Let's go!" The doctor stated to the police as they begun wheeling him down the hallway away from the three of us.

"No. No. No." Fangs grunted as he tried to hold my hand in panic.

"Fangs it's okay. I promise you everything will be okay. We love you Fangs." He nodded slightly giving me a small smile as the doctors rushed him down the hall. As soon as he was out of sight I broke down crying at everything that had just happened. FP's arms went around my body as he pulled me close to him letting myself sob properly before Jughead started walking towards the exit.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" FP asked as he ran after him.

"I'm going to find the guy who shot Fangs." Jughead answered, determination and pain being evident in his voice. 

"No you're not going out there. Not with people rioting. You're angry. You want justice. So do I." FP replied to Jughead as he grabbed him on the shoulder before walking in front of him "You've got a fallen soldier here boy and we have to talk to this family. It's part of being a leader." 

I walked to the side of FP as another means of stopping Jughead from exiting.

"Some leader I am." Jughead replied, his voice cracking in the middle of his sentence making my heart break even more. 

"Don't go down that road." FP said as he grabbed ahold of Jughead's arms to make sure he was focusing and not being irrational. "Now come on. Come on." As FP led Jughead back into the waiting room I took this as my chance to walk out the front doors. Despite the rioting I needed to find Sweet Pea, I was the only one who would be capable of calming him down.

Fleeing down the streets of Riverdale I went straight to the Northside knowing that it would be the first place the Serpents would go after Reggie shot Fangs. I'd been driving around for around ten minutes when I got a phone-call from Jughead answering it immediately.

"Dani where are you?!" Jug's voice ran through the phone making me flinch slightly.

"I'm driving around the Northside trying to find Sweet Pea." I replied as I kept my eyes on the road.

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