Tanya's POV

I went back to my house and got some clothes that were decent. Mia said she's going to help with my makeup and all that other stuff. I stuffed the clothes, shoes and accesories into a duffle bag and made my way back next door.

As I was walking upstairs to Mia's room, I passed Ashton in the hall.

"Hey beautiful. Where something hot tonight." Ashton said and winked at me. I made a little gagging face and opened Mia's door.

She and Monse were setting up a bunch of makeup and hair tools. This is gonna be great! I don't have any sisters near my age, so I never got my hair done or had a make over. I almost lost Melony, but I don't want to get into that right now.

"Tanya, you're back! Get in the shower and we'll look at the clothes you brought." Mia said pointing to a door in her room that I'm guessing is her bathroom.

I stepped in after the water was the perfect temperature. I stood there thinking about what is to come tonight. Tonight can either go really well, or it could suck. I hope it goes well, but it probably won't. I like Ashton a little, but I don't want him to think that he can be a jerk to me then have me all over him, that's not happening.

 I stepped out and found a fluffy towel and wrapped it around my thin body. I walked back into Mia's room and she told me to put on my underwear in her closet, then she handed me a robe to cover up with while she did my hair and make up. I did as I was told and stepped out of the closet when I was finished.

"Okay Tanya sit here and I'm gonna do your makeup." Mia said pointing to a chair right in front of her make-up desk.

"Okay, but not too much make up." I said and Mia assured me that she would not make me look like a clown.

Mia continued doing my makeup and from what I could see, I had a bit of foundation and really nice eye makeup that went really well with my outfit. My outfit is mostly based around purple(my fav), so Mia put  some nice purple eye shadow on me along with a bit of eyeliner and some, not too much, mascara. She finished off my make-up with some nude colored lipstick, I loooked in the mirror, and dang she did a great job!

"Mia thank you so much! I look great, you are the best!" I said and hugged Mia.

"No problem, you look great. Now sit back down so Monse can do your hair, then you can get dressed. But we need to hurry so you're not late, it's already 6:15 and your date starts at 7." Mia said and walked over to my bag and started to lay out the clothes I brought.

"How are you doing my hair Monse?" I asked couriously. My hair is a bit curly, naturally, I usually just curl it a little more so it's extra curly. It looks better that way.

"Um...I'm just gonna curl it more and leave it down, if that's okay with you. I just think it'd look cute with you're outfit that way." Monse said smiling and she plugged in the curling iron.

"That sounds perfect! I really appreciate you guys helping me, you're like sisters to me already and I barely know you guys." I said and they smiled and said it was no big deal and that they were glad to help.

After Monse finished my hair, she and Mia started telling me how great the date is gonna go and how much they ship me and Ashton. They're such teenage girls! They just went to check up on Melony so I can get dressed. They really are taking a liking to Mel and I'm glad, she is the most important person in my life and almost losing her made me realize that.

Three years ago, I was 16, I came home from school and saw Melony being smacked around by my mom. Mel was only almost three at the time and she was a completely innocent little girl. I yelled at my mom for what she did and she said she realized how wrong it was and it wasn't the first time she did it. She started going to therapy and she said she got better, so I took that as my chance to move out two years later. Melony didn't need me to protect her anymore, and she looked so happy when she came here so I guess my mom really did get better.

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